So here is my rant for the day. I understand completely that groups have their rules and regulations. However, where does the petty pickiness stop?!?!?! Sometimes it makes one feel like they have to have the “perfect picture” all the time. We all know that never happens.

So, on that note, are the group admins perfect?

I am frustrated and disappointed with several other factors on Redbubble anyway. I am thinking of not posting any more work on this site. No offense to Cheryl, Roy, and Dinghysailor, but they seem to be the only ones who comment on my work. I comment on alot of my watchlists’ work, I guess I’ll be removing alot of people from there as well.

This site reminds me of high school. It pushes out the people that are trying to improve upon themselves. When you don’t fit into a “click” you’re shunned by the whole school,

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