Bonnie Aungle

Ocean Shores, Australia

Fine artist, graphic artist, musician, model, seamstress, sculptor, photographer, bookworm, chef, linguist, philosopher, dreamer, dancer,...

The Joy Of Mark-Making

Art, in every way shape and form, has been a passion of mine since I was little. I have been drawing ever since I can remember. Several years ago I started a “dynamic” life drawing class which taught me to throw away my whole concept of art as programmed into me by my art teachers (and society as a whole) and appreciate the energy, vitality and integrity of an unintended, unplanned mark or drawing. To achieve this we are only given a minute or two to complete each artwork. We are also encouraged to draw with our non-dominant hand; with both hands; or even with our eyes shut.

It’s quite challenging to reprogram oneself from the idea of what makes a piece of art; to draw or paint without hesitation or the approval of the imaginary art-critic looming over every artists’ shoulder as they draw; to throw away the notion that art has to be photographic; realistic or even resemble anything at all. Soon my weekly life-drawing sessions became a kind of therapy, and through my fast, intimate, uninhibited marks I was able to truly experience complete and utter freedom of expression, and uncover truths about who I am, through discovering my own unique language. It has become my weekly meditation.
As when you sign your name, it’s without hesitation and the result is a pure example of your own language, and it is the language an artist uses in their work which makes you able to recognise that art as being done by that person; it is a portrayal of their very essence.

By attacking the canvas or paper with a sense of reckless abandonment, marks are given energy, movement and life, and when I am able to truly BE in the moment and capture that moment, I feel a deep trance-inducing energy; a primal, instinctual connection to the earth which I draw up through my feet and fire onto the page like a loaded cannon. Sometimes the visual result conjures disturbing or uncomfortable feelings, and sometimes the result is a joyous feast for the eyes. To me, any kind of reaction art attracts are equally well received, because whether the marks are visually pleasing or not, if they are done with sincerity, they have an undeniable integrity which I whole-heartedly respect and admire.

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