Der Spion der mich verlassen hat (The spy who left me)

I was contacted a couple of months ago via my website , about one of my James Bond designs on Redbubble – The spy who left me .

Thankfully it wasn’t a DMCA notice ;), and turned out to be a photographic editor from the German publishing giant ‘Stern’, who was collecting images for a 50th anniversary Bond special of the ‘Stern Edition’.

Anyway – I was obviously happy to have an image used, so sent it off, with a little invoice, and promptly forgot about the whole thing. This week I received a copy of the publication in the mail, and (although it’s rather small) my image is in there, along with lots of other great Bond articles and images over the last 50 years. I might just need a translator…

It just shows what can happen, even when you’re not trying!

I guess I’d better go and see the new movie now…

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