10000 views of T-shirts!

Coincidentally I opened MyBubble this morning to find this…

…so all I can say is to anyone reading…

Thanks! for watching, for looking and helping to motivate me thus far.

I’m a bit obsessed by stats (that’s the tech brain talking) mainly because I like to try and understand who and where the audience is, which helps to work out what’s good, what’s bad and what sells. I’m here to learn and have fun before anything else.

A few things I’ve noticed about my 10000 views:

  1. It’s absolute small change as compared with the views of the big sellers – but I see it as a milestone :)
  2. The average views per day since starting on RB (9 months ago) is currently at about 45
  3. The average views per day (at the moment) is a little less than 100
  4. The work with the highest views is Reel Vintage Tape Deck (620) which recently overtook Keeping on track (585). The tape deck design still has no sales :)
  5. The item with the overall highest views is my Illustrator T-Shirt Template download journal entry (924).
  6. The highest seller is one of my first uploads – Union Jack Guitar with views of only 215. This tells me I need to make the design more discoverable outside RB as the ratio of views to sales is good.
  7. Views on some works sometimes spike for unexplained reasons. That’s what I’m interested in, so I’ve been using google alerts amongst other things to see if I’m popping up anywhere due to keywording or tagging. The tape deck design just started getting more views recently, and bizarrely my blog’s getting pingbacks from a fishing site (because of the word reel ). The web’s a funny place.
  8. Views (and watchlist additions) have probably gone up since the recent changes to MyBubble – contrary to a lot of photographers’ experience. I put this down to the generally lower amount of activity in the lives of Tee artists. There’s simply not the same volume of work (as photos) to be ‘processing’ so tees get noticed more in the ‘Work from your watchlist’ section
  9. I’ve currently got 60 people watching me (how closely I don’t know :) )
  10. Sales have very recently (since the free shipping of a few weeks ago) started to reappear (I’ll be getting paid next month :) ). Before then I’d had a couple of months without a sale, after being all excited by sales before Christmas. I still don’t know whether the seasons have ticked over in the UK and US to awaken tee buyers, but I think sales of tees have started to improve across the board in the last few weeks.
  11. I’ve been putting a lot more effort into keywording, tagging, outside promotion of my stuff and other people’s designs on my blog and other sites, forums etc. I’m sure the combination of this has probably had a certain effect in building some momentum.
  12. I also contribute in the forums, comment on and promote other people’s work, and answer support questions, and try to help wherever I can (that’s just me).
  13. I’ve been doing some more ‘tracking’ recently on traffic to all my designs, and can say that views on the BubbleSite (which don’t show in MyBubble) are few and far between as compared to those on the community pages. I’d imagine this is similar for most people, but then again I’m typically not directing people there. It’s just worth knowing as the take home from this is don’t just expect views, you’ve got to drive the traffic. Unless you link to and point people to your bubblesite it’s unlikely to do anything for you. I’m now starting to do that on my blog so we’ll see how it goes.

So my analysis of all of this is that to be successful here (and I’m not at the ‘successful’ end of the scale!) you need to consider the following:

  1. Views and comments are great as they increase your profile in the community, and the likelihood of being featured which covers the internal and external ‘browsing’ buyers. If your design’s in the popular or featured pages then it will be seen quicker by browsing buyers. I’ve only had a few sales from members, with the rest anonymous purchases.
  2. ‘Searching’ buyers behave differently and can come from anywhere. They are a greater potential market, and this is where all the ‘other’ activities come in, like promotion outside of RB to make your work discoverable.

I’ve only started to scratch the surface, and will continue to learn and try different things, but thought I’d share what I ‘think’ I’ve learned so far. :)


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