Impressed with Google indexing - mostly

I have to say, based on my previous experience with CafePress, I had little or no expectation that anyone would ever be able to find my designs on the site, let alone from outside of the site, but I’m surprised at how well RB manages the latter (at least for some of my designs)…

I was really surprised to find that a few keywords from some of my t’s yielded results not only on the first page, but often #1 ranking in Google. This feat really shouldn’t be underestimated. I work in Web-land and it’s not an easy job by any means to get at the top of search rankings.

Here’s some examples of google searches for my stuff:

blofeld t shirt
mod scooter t shirt=
talk to the hand t shirt=
gone phishin t shirt=
union jack guitar t shirt

What I don’t know of course is whether people are actually searching the same way I do and coming to have a look. Some of those searches would be a little ‘specific’ I think to say the least. I’ll continue to cross link to my RB profile from my other sites in any case. It’s becoming clear to me that marketing your RB work is really where the hard work needs to go if you want to be successful. The web’s a big place, and there’s obviously ‘lots’ of competition out there.

One thing seems clear, that the title of the shirt is definitely the key to good searchability on RB – the keywords and description don’t seem to figure as much – for instance my take on Ned Kelly (N3D K311Y) can be found at #1 if you look for that directly= but if you search for ‘Ned Kelly t shirt’ it doesn’t even figure. Adding redbubble to the search still doesn’t even find it.

Part of the problem I think is that RB sorts your keywords and removes quotes – so if you have a phrase you just can’t keep it together, and kelly comes way before ned in my keywords. I also didn’t have ‘Ned Kelly’ in the description at all (now remedied – so we’ll see if the situation changes).

If it proves to make a difference I’ll be adding plenty more text in all my designs! I know Google tends to favour titles and text on the page when indexing so who knows…

I’m having fun trying to work it all out anyway.

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