When you thought you had a great idea...

I’ve been getting more and more into the site and community recently and have been trying (as I’m sure everyone does), to find out the magic formula of what gets you noticed and what sells. We can all satisfy ourselves that we have good ideas, and sometimes they translate so you’re also proud of the product.

I definitely still miss sometimes, but I’d like to think my ‘hit’ rate’s increasing and I’m improving on both design and execution.

I still find comments or sales are quite sporadic and difficult to predict or control. I know there’s a LOT of competition out there, some realisitcally from people far more talented than myself – I’m in awe at some of the designs I see. I do sometimes sneakily think though, ‘I ’really’ though ‘that’ one would have been popular – it had all the elements’. The 15 minutes of fame on the main (or groups) ‘recent’ page comes and goes and then the comment window closes and it’s back to obscurity. I’m sure everyone has had more than one of those :)

I think I should probably just stop worrying and enjoy the (truly) unique atmosphere of the redbubble community! In truth I’m extremely grateful when anyone takes the time to comment and say ‘nice job’ – and even more so when someone actually buys something – so I’d just like to say thanks to all of those people, and I’ll just keep trying to improve and learn from the really talented people whose designs I see every day.

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