2008 is so overrated!!

hey everyone i thought i would write this as i stood on what is the abyss called 2008
in my near narcapaleptic state,ready to fall in2 a slumberous wall of the back of my eyelids (to those who know me, yes my life is excessive and i probably do deserve it)
i just want to wish u ALL a (insert every fantastic word you can imagine here)new year, and hopefully u’ll all get down to gallery 26(please note the plug!!)
yeah im run down, but im still out there,and ill try to catch up with who i can ,wen i
can. stay safe, luv art!!
ps for the minimalists- . that was 4 u
the abstract artists – unreal it keep
alterted artists – Ha55%$#@$^Pp((()y n%E$w Y##&EAR
for the rest of u, i cant humour u, but u know who u are DONT U?
if u dont ,u mustnt really exsist…how perplexing,

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