gallery 26 -milsons point is on its way!!

hi everybody
dr nic here,……whoops wrong alterego!
anyways ive been pluggin away hard trying to get gallery 26 ready 4 its opening on tues nite 11th dec 7pm to 11pm.
as usual im trying to plan a spectacular or something to remember me by, and getting things set up especially with the help of the most amazing people i have met from this awesum site,it is really a good investment of ur time being on here as it
broadens ur knowledge 10 fold and helps u conect with like minded people who also
can put u in touch with someone who knows sumfin u r yet to learn!!
its a awesum networking necessity and tool!
a big thanx to SARAH MOORE worth her wieght in pure platinium,no , my wieght even
better! PA extrordinaire.
sara lamond-web site genius and the tech wiz.
andrew bosman, miloman,marco britti and a few others who i cant get outta my head,(as im over tired ,plus ive jst dropped in hme to shower and wash clothes!)
to mention for jst being there to help without them there is no gallery 26!!
if anyone wants to be part of this excitement. thanku one and all and i hope you all would like to be a part of it. fanx. further details contact sarah moore from redbubble,
sydney group. its new and xciting!

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