a big THANKYOU to everyone for ur support

dear everyone
firstly a huge fanx to all the redbubble artists who participated in “about a woman”
xhibition,so many and i couldnt get around to u all so sorry ,definitely 25th nov.
plus dont 4get works need to be picked up on sun18th nov between 1pm-6pm ill be there 2 chat,if u want. and fanx to all who showed up and sorry if i didnt get to chat properly as there was heaps happening on the nite and i had to be in 7 places at once for the 300 or more people that rocked up! pandamodeumn if thats how u spell it?
hey itd be great if u could let me know via this journal entry if u showed up so everyone can knows who does help support each other like a wall of (in) fame!
and again i thank u all for making the nite an awesum sucess!

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