Blyth, United Kingdom

My real name is Dafydd (Dave) and I am retired for health reasons and take charge of the housework while my wife is at work. I have many...



I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify something.…

My name is Dave Edwards and I live in Northumberland, England, UK.

I joined Redbubble as BLYTHART four years ago. I wanted to keep BLYTHART only for my paintings and drawings and so I opened BLYTHPHOTO for my photographs.

I’ve had over 20,000 viewings of my photographs, but have had over 300,000 viewings of my drawings and paintings, which is why I tend to concentrate on them.

I don’t have any costly photographic equipment but I do enjoy taking photographs and carry a compact camera in my pocket almost every time I leave the house.

I’d like to apologise for taking ages to thank people for their comments on my photos, but believe me they are appreciated.

If anyone wants to contact me I am on BLYTHART every day.

Thanks again for all y


(This also appears in BLYHART’s Journal, but as most of you know, BLYTHART and BLYTHPHOTO are one and the same person – Dave Edwards).…

Here is a subject dear to many people’s hearts … but oh so difficult in practice – losing weight.

I am trying to lose weight for the sake of my health (as many of us should) and find it is a process that involves a lot of “tough love”.

It’s a mental process as much as a physical one in my opinion.

At this point, I can hear a few of you muttering, “What’s this got to do with art or photography?” Well, while grudgingly admitting that maybe photographers get more exercise than artists, I must mention that the majority of artists spend an awful lot of time sitting at a desk. I’d like to bet that many of you have a few chocolate “refreshments” by your side to


On Wednesday, 22nd June 2011 my wife and I attended the Duchess of Alnwick’s garden party … along with 8,000 other guests.…

The guests of honour were her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip … and the footballer, Alan Shearer. We caught glimpses of the Queen over the heads of the 8,000 crowd (although my wife couldn’t see, being only five foot tall). We saw a much better view of the Royals when they climbed the stone stairs to the fountain.

My wife had the brilliant idea of going to Bondgate Within (the main street in Alnwick) to see if we could catch the Queen’s walkabout and sure enough, there she was, with Prince Philip, and Jane Percy (the Duchess of Northumberland) and Alan Shearer. I took some photos and afterwards my wife and I went inside Alnwick Castle and saw the massive banque


  • I have copied this from my Blythart Journal as it may interest those who are Watching my Blythphoto account too. In retrospect, may I clarify that this is aimed at those who want to enter into the spirit of Redbubble, make contact with other artists, sell pictures, etc.*

To save further criticism of my efforts I have altered my title, which was originally “A REDBUBBLE REALITY CHECK”.…

This is not aimed at anyone who simply uses Redbubble as a storage/display facility for their artwork – no offence intended to anyone.

It is not (as some have suggested) a Ten Commandments, but is intended to be read as friendly and helpful SUGGESTIONS.

(Despite one or two objections to this article, on Blythart 10 people have favourited it and it has had 163 views)*

  • There are thousands of artists on Redbubb


I have been culling my portfolio tonight and have deleted 39 photographs … mainly ones that have received zero or no favouritings.

I spend all my time on my other Bubble – BLYTHART.

I apologise for not commenting on people’s work, but I tend to do that when I have my BLYTHART hat on :)


Dave Edwards (a.k.a. BLYTHART & BLYHPHOTO)


Before Redbubble “improved” I was able to browse among the groups and see if there were any I fancied joining. Since the alterations I haven’t been able to do this – where is the link to Groups nowadays please?


I once wrote: Style should be like a coat you put on when you want to … but it should never become a strait jacket you can’t escape from (Dave Edwards – 20th January 2008)

I’d like to introduce you to an artist who doesn’t wear a strait jacket and is adept in a few styles – MARGARET SANDERSON

Here are a few of her paintings and drawings which clearly show her versatility:

Now please go and view her portfolio – it is MUCH LARGER than the few I have shown here …. MARGARET SANDERSON


One of my favourite artists, Karin Taylor kindly agreed to let me interview her. I am including some photos in this interview, but have left them till the end as you’ll probably want to read the interview first:…

Hi Karin, it was so kind of you to agree to do an interview, so let us begin …
As you know, I have been a fan of your work since around the time you joined Redbubble and we have chatted a lot in the past. I strongly feel that there are many new Redbubble artists who would be inspired by reading something about your art, as I know it certainly inspires me.

You are noted for your cute elephants and children and flowers and, well, lots of other things too. I would love to know if you have always drawn and whether you attended any art schools. Would you mind sharing a little of yo


I have been working on my BLYTHPHOTO Bubble today and have created clickable thumbnail views of the work on my other Bubble … BLYTHART. Maybe you’d care to take a look at my newly organised Profile … please … pretty please :)


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