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Just thought you’d like to hear my recent experience with our kitten.

Tonight, I climbed the metal ladder into my attic study to alter an acrylic painting I have been working on.

Rattle rattle … up comes Mitch, our seven month old lively kitten. First … take a look at the little guy … who couldn’t love him :)

Anyway … There I was, altering the sky in an acrylic painting I’m working on.

BOUNCE … a fluffy bundle of joy landed on my bench, inches away from my bowl of water.

I lifted him back to the floor.

BOUNCE …. back he comes. Down he goes again.

BOUNCE … oh, what the heck. I continue my painting.

CRASH … down goes my wooden mannikin.

NIBBLE NIBBLE … Mitch has discovered my jar of pencils.

SPLOOSH … his fluffy white paws are in my water bowl.

SPLASH … he’s shaking his paws dry over my painting … agghhh!

‘NUTHER SPLASH … He’s knocked my bowl of water sideways, spilling a considerable amount in the process.

Let’s call it a day. I clamber down the ladder to clean my brushes in the bathroom. Mitch hears the tap, assumes I am having a bath and clatter clatter … down the ladder … flies throught the door into the bathroom and lands in his spectators’ gallery at the corner of the bath where he usually supervises my ablutions.

Anybody want a kitten …. no … only joking … I love the little blighter to bits :)


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