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I am a retired man who enjoys expressing himself in pencils and paints. I have had two solo exhibitions in my home town and I love...


I appreciate that many people couldn’t care less about being Featured (some have actually told me so), but personally I find it incredibly encouraging. For those who like being Featured I’d say that it helps immensely if you are productive and also if you are talkative (or should that read “typative”).

Look at the following list of my Features for 2009 and see if you can work out in which four months I was most active in producing new artwork and writing Journal entries :)

January – 02
February – 01
March – 06
April – 08
May – 07
June – 07
July – 17
August – 19
September – 28
October – 20
November – 08
December – 07

I make no apologies for revealing how many times I have been Featured. Many have been featured loads more times than I have … my reason for showing the figures is to demonstrate how being Featured depends on productivity.

Logic dictates that someone with three paintings in their portfolio will not be featured as many times as someone with a few hundred.

Also, of course, the more Groups you join, the more chances you have of being Featured. The more you are Featured, the more people notice your work. The more people notice your work, the more chance you have of selling cards.

I don’t see being Featured as a measure of how good I am, but rather a measure of which group hosts personally like my work, so may I wish all the Group Hosts a Happy New Year and thank them for taking an interest in my work … it certainly encourages me to produce more and I hope I will soon be back to doing regular artwork.


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