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I am a retired man who enjoys expressing himself in pencils and paints. I have had two solo exhibitions in my home town and I love...


I love admiring the work of others and often spend more time doing this than actually painting my own stuff, but hey .. I can’t resist :)

One artist who has consistently been producing beautiful art since joining Redbubble (and presumably before joining too) is Angela, who calls herself Angelartiste

I absolutely adore the way she can produce images that look so delicate they could have been painted by a fairy using a rabbit’s whisker for a paint brush. I tend to apply paint as one would apply bitumen to a fence :) Angela has such delicate control of her pencil and brush that she can almost make me cry with the prettiness of her flowers and figures.

This young lady is the epitome of modesty and is often too self-effacing for her own good. I know she would never blow her own trumpet by praising her work, so I am going to do it for her. Here is a selection of my favourite pieces from Angelartiste:

Many people hate foxes, but who could hate this beautiful fox created by Angela:

Note the delicate flowers in the background.

Look at the delicate petals of this rose and then examine how accurately Angela has depicted the butterfly:

These delightfully colourful little owls make me smile every time I see them.

Children need beautiful books when they are very small and I believe people like Angela and Ine Spee are the very people to provide them. I’m not sure if Angela wants to illustrate children’s books (I know Ine does) but I feel she would be excellent at the job. You know the saying, “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” … well, children exposed to beauty when they are small stand a great chance of growing up to be decent folk.

I am a cat-lover, so I love this next picture:

I’m going to end by showing her lovely turtle painting and if you want to see more of Angelartiste’s work, just click here

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