I am left with a limited pallete

This journal entry may start out like a list of disaster – because in some ways it is – but it is also about hope, patterns, abstract art and how I am using them to build joy.


In June I lost my job, in early July my dog died, in late July I had an operation. I did get another job and I like it, for a while it looked like it may all turn out OK but then another disaster struck so now in October I will be forced to declare my family homeless and goodness knows what will happen then! It’s been a crummy summer and it has rained a lot! During this time I have found it hard to concentrate of any form of art but it is has never been far from my thoughts.

In this last month I have started to have some fairly hellish images moving into my thoughts that I have not requested to be there. At first I actually thought about working with them and trying to portray them thinking this may help but then I realised that could just make them more intense and I want them to go away – so instead I picked a pallette – I decided on yellow for sunlight and green for growth and I then began working on a series of patterns using these colours – it has been helpful.

I saved these pictures in a folder called “Sunny Disposition” and have started to think of them as patterns of hope.

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