It was seven o clock in the morning and Amanda was fast asleep in her bed, then the alarm went off, she stirred for a while turned over to turn the alarm off and slowly arose from her laying position.

Amanda was thirty- seven this year married with two kids both boys, one being 11 the other 6. She had a reasonable upbringing although she never really knew her real father, there were some memories, misty and slightly odd memories you know the ones where you think was that real did that happen or was it just part of a dream, well today was the day where Amanda was to find out the real from the unreal.

She got out of bed, sluggish and still feeling a bit tired, slowly got up and walked to her underwear draw, picked whatever came to hand first, then headed to the bathroom. As Amanda was getting all cleaned up there was a knock on the bathroom door “mummy mummy I really need to go to the toilet” it was James the youngest son you could guarantee every morning would be the same. So Amanda quickly finished up and then opened the door, gave her son a hug and then said “don’t be to long James, get washed and sorted out as Paul will need to get ready for school soon".

It was now eight thirty a.m both boys were ready to go to school
and Amanda was just about to pick the car keys up, when she went all dizzy
as she leaned her head down and lent on the kitchen side she closed her eyes from the dizziness trying to gain back control, but also in that moment she saw something , something that was or what seemed to be a memory of her dad again and her being very young not much older then 5, but the odd thing was once more she saw herself in a lab, surrounded by all sort of animals and reptiles you name it species of all varieties ,but why who was her dad? what was she doing there? many a time she would ask herself this, but then brush it aside as it must be part of dreams getting mixed up and what not, but that wasn’t the case for the reasons to why, would soon become clear.

after about five minutes Amanda felt fine again she grabbed a glass of water, then asked her boys if they have all there school equipment, which they did and off they went.They arrived at the school just in time, James and Paul took off their seat belts as mum pulled up, grabbed their bags, gave her a hug and kiss as discreetly as they could “boys being boys” gave mum a wave and off they went, unaware that it would be the last time they would see her again.

It was around twelve midday by the time Amanda got home after dropping the boys off at school she went for a little shop to stock up on groceries and such, as she was packing the food away she decided to put the news on to see what was going on in the world, there wasn’t really much different as to what was on the day before, so she turned it off and decided to put on some music. Hum-mm I fancy a little rock and roll tunes on she thought to herself so she stuck on one of her favourite bands Inxs, sat back in her chair closed her eyes and swayed her feet to the music.

But then all of a sudden there was this really horrendous bang and the floor started shaking ,what the hell is going on she thought as she quickly jumped from her chair the music went off, and as she turned towards her window the sky almost looked black yet it was just one o clock in the afternoon, she dived to the phone but there was nothing just silence, tried to turn the TV on yet again nothing had the electric gone? what’s happening she started to panic, grabbed her keys to the car and rushed out the door.

Outside it was like being in an empty dark room, just a very huge one.
no one was outside why?, surly there would be people out panicking and concerned as to what was happening, but no nothing just silent real silent.
Amanda got in her car and started to drive towards her sons school, as she drove the streets were empty also the skies no people no birds, it was like being in a dream is this real she was thinking to herself again, am I dreaming but this wasn’t the case what was happening was very real.

She pulled up and got out at her sons school walked to the entrance and through the main doors, to the right there is the reception, but no-one was in it, so she turned left towards the corridor which lead to her son Paul the eldest ones class, as she passed the other class rooms prior to her sons they were completely empty, not a child or teacher in sight.

Amanda began to run faster and faster toward her sons classroom, when she reached it a lump swelled in her throat, which she found hard to swallow, it was empty she screamed rushing down the other end to her younger sons classroom again empty. Amanda run out of the school and into her car, lost, confused, angry and heartbroken why was there no one about? Why doe it seem like everyone has just vanished? Into thin air, why is the sky black?All these questions over and over then she started to cry, and then fell asleep for a while.

After about thirty minutes she awoke her eyes wide open as if something she forgot then remember, which shocked her, them dreams or memories, in her case memories were starting to get clearer the lab yes, she remember that she was being injected with something, that the animals were being injected with also, but what? What was it?

Well to her unknowing what she wasn’t aware of, and as to why she could never remember her father ,apart from misted memories was the fact that he wasn’t like your average Joe he was in fact you could say not human at all, he came from a long distant planet where yes there was life almost like our own, he had come to earth in the hope of creating a cure for what was to happen to the humans on earth, in the time he visited he meet Amanda’s mother and of course Amanda came about.

How did he get here you ask ,well from where he came they were well advanced in technology way beyond our reasoning from where he came they had managed to created light speed travel they knew all of earth, and well they weren’t really much different from us just highly advanced and very very smart.
he knew that our earth was coming to an end, the darkness and why it was so black,

The end to a new beginning the reason as to why was because all along the earth had be controlled by aliens, we were like a chess game they got bored with so they used their powers to vanish all that are alive, the darkness had a genealogical mixture which broke down body mass bones and hair nothing was to be left. So how come Amanda was still there, her father created an anti geom as he called it to stop the genealogical mixture, from melting all existence of her.

After a while Amanda just became dazed in the car, then all of a sudden there was a tap she looked to the left then the right nothing, then again another tap, which seem to be coming from the back, so she look in her rear view mirror and they stood a man a tall, skinny man, dressed in greyish clothes.

She got out of her car and hesitantly walked towards him as she did he become more familiar, yes it was her dad. He grabbed her and gave her a big hug, tears starting to stream down her face her sons had gone her husband all she knew of life itself and to her even though the face was familiar it was still a stranger in her eyes.

He told her that they have no time and that she has to come with him, reluctant as she was but went as she knew there was no where else to go unless she was to be alone isolated on earth. All will be told, he said to her as he injected her with yet another injection.

He had actually put her into a deep sleep for the travel to his planet earth2.
The spacecraft which looked more like a bubble of light, soured fast up into the darkness of space and in a flash it was gone.


Michelle Scott

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This is a story I wrote a little while ago

It is about a married women with two kids and everything was just how it should be until this day where her life would change forever.

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