Resistance is not Futile

If you’re wondering what happened to my ‘Resistance’ T Shirt…

RedBubble have taken it down because of a claim of IP/Trademark infringement by CBS, who own the slogan ‘Resistance is Futile’.

Fair enough… except my image was a geeky pun on electrical resistance, for which the wording works exactly. Unfortunately, it is possible for anyone to trademark almost any phrase imaginable, thereby turning our language into a commodity, no one else can then use to sell their own products – no matter what context the words are used for.

The good news, if you still want a ‘Resistance is Futile’ slogan T-shirt, is that lots of other artists on RB, still have their designs online here, so you can still buy one here!

It appears that the rule applies to some and not others. If you don’t think that’s fair, please let RB know!

Rant over!

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