Thanks Red Bubble Community

this is the first time for me to write something…but I was feeling that I should say something about this community.
I think Red Bubble is great as idea and as wb site itself. I like so much the people I’ve meet here , ‘cause they’re great artist but expecially ‘cause I fell them (you) honest about each other work. What I mean is that on other web site more or less like this, people write comments on your work only if you write about their own and so on…no matter what you upload..they always write something nice…by this way I’m not able to recognize if I’m doing a good job or not….
Anyway I’m writing to thanks all of you, dear Red Bubblers and let me say I’m really glad to be part of this community, expecially ‘cause now I’ve some more friends around the world.
I apologize if my English is not that good..^_^
hugs to everybody

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