Leslie van de Ligt

Sherwood Park, Canada

I am an amateur photographer from Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. / Love scenery, wildlife and anything that catches my eye as being...

Hare There! North American Snowshoe Hare Poster $12.00
They Call Me Silver Poster $12.00
One Blue Eye Poster $12.00
"This is really my Best Side" - Las Vegas Chuckwalla Lizard Poster $12.00
Rocky Mountain Lily Poster $12.00
1928 Case Tractor Poster $12.00
Home Sweet Home Poster $12.00
Indian Paintbrush ((Castilleja sp.) Poster $12.00
Just Like Mom Poster $12.00
The Look Poster $12.00
"A Classy Ride" - Classic Passenger Buggy Poster $12.00
Just Like The Old Days Poster $12.00
Summer Dreams Poster $12.00
Mount Perren - One of The Ten Peaks - Moraine Lake  Alberta Poster $12.00
Gorgeous Sentinels Poster $12.00
So Majestic - Castle Mountain Poster $12.00
Blanket Flower (Gaillardia pulchella) Poster $12.00
Elbow River View Poster $12.00
Unlimited Head Room Poster $12.00
Begged to Be Captured Poster $12.00
Tranquil View Poster $12.00
Just The Two of Us Poster $12.00
Rocky Mountain View Poster $12.00
Used To Be Poster $12.00
Your Ruining My Nap Poster $12.00
My Tree !!! Poster $12.00
Christmas Sleigh Ride Poster $12.00
Take My Breath Away Poster $12.00
Vermillion's View Poster $12.00
Memories Of The Old Homestead Poster $12.00
Mountain View Poster $12.00
The Look Out Poster $12.00
Fort Amherst Poster $12.00
Salad Baaar (American Black Bear) Poster $12.00
Rocky Mountain View Poster $12.00
Workless Hay Wagon Poster $12.00
Wow! So That's What You Look Like. Poster $12.00
Me and The Boys Poster $12.00
 Whoo Hooo ---- #2816 Steam  Engine To Canmore Poster $12.00
Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse Rocky Harbor Poster $12.00
The Three Sisters Poster $12.00
A Little Piece Of Heaven Poster $12.00
All Blackbirds Poster $12.00
She's A Real Beauty Poster $12.00
Blue in The Water Poster $12.00
1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe Poster $12.00
Heres My Best Pose Poster $12.00
From Here To Eternity Poster $12.00
Lonely Prairie Barn   Poster $12.00
Safe Harbor Poster $12.00
Fisherman's Haven Poster $12.00
Beautiful Blue Eyes Poster $12.00
A Little Piece Of Heaven Poster $12.00
The Wedge & Wedge Pond Below Poster $12.00
The Three Cupola Barn Poster $12.00
Natural Air Conditioning Poster $12.00
Stages Of Fleur De Lys  Harbor Poster $12.00
A Timeless Prairie Giant Poster $12.00
Contemplation In Red Poster $12.00
Winter Bales of The QU'APPELLE VALLEY Saskatchewan Poster $12.00
And A Partridge in a Elm Tree Poster $12.00
Groundhog Pose Poster $12.00
Peaceful Vineyard Poster $12.00
In My Day ....... Poster $12.00
Fort Amherst Lighthouse Poster $12.00
Welcome To My Tree Poster $12.00
For Hire - Reasonable Rates Poster $12.00
Shining Beardtongue (Penstermon nitidus) Poster $12.00
Valley Of The Bales Poster $12.00
Sparrow's-egg Lady's-slipper - Cypripedium passerinum Poster $12.00
The Eastern Kyle Poster $12.00
Misty Mountains Poster $12.00
Fall In the Qu' Appelle Valley Poster $12.00
Well Earned Rest Poster $12.00
I Can Sing A Rainbow Poster $12.00
Not Forgotten Poster $12.00
Pretty Pink Peony Poster $12.00
On The Point Poster $12.00
Perfecet Mountain Vista Poster $12.00
Sunset Prelude  Poster $12.00
Gentle Is My Gaze Poster $13.00
Castle Mountain Poster $12.00
Shrubby Cinquefoil -Dasiphora floribunda (Potentilla fruticosa) Poster $12.00
Clouds On The Mountain Peaks Poster $12.00
Vibrant Fuchsia Peony Poster $12.00
Abandoned to the Elements Poster $12.00
Watcha Doin? (Columbian Ground Squirrel) Poster $12.00
Northern Shoveler (Long Billed Duck) Poster $12.00
Juvenile Merlin Poster $12.00
Reflections In A Forest Pond Poster $12.00
Red Rock Green Rock Poster $12.00
In My Dreaming Years Poster $12.00
Gone But Not Forgotten Poster $12.00
Beautiful Old Barn Poster $12.00
Cabot Cove Lake Paddle Boats & Dorry Poster $12.00
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay - Arctic Tern Poster $12.00
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