My first Journal

Hello everyone as you may have guessed i’m quite new here and getting to grips on how the site works! I’ve come from another site called Deviant Art which some of you may recognise but I wanted to broaden my artistic horizons!

I wouldn’t say I have a certain style of art, just that it is my own style and I tend to draw whatever comes into my head. I think in all honesty I’m not that bad at art and I am always aiming to improve having only self tought to draw. My grandfather was a painter but not professional one. Only as a hobby. I guess I’ve taken after him in that respect, but the great advances in modern technology helps to show my art work to a wider audience and let people enjoy it, whatever it may be.

At the moment only my older works are posted but I hope soon to get back into the swing of things and be creative! Woo!

Well I hope you enjoy what I have to offer at the moment!


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