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I’m blueclover, and i’m a university graduate from the UK. Art and photography is my hobby and i love to share my work with...

Jealousy = Desire to try harder

Looking at everyone’s amazing photographs makes me feel quite jealous of the fact all these people live in places like Australia.
I may live in the Lake District in England, UK, which is one the most beautiful places in the world, but its not as amazingly exotic as these far flung places!
I now really want to visit new places abroad, i think i have caught the bug to travel more!
I never thought i would be so much into photography now, i have always been involved in the painting side of the visual arts, but now i have come to love the advantages of capturing a moment in time in one shot.
Hopefully i will be able to travel more this summer so keep an eye out for my new work as i find it!

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