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The art of being a naturally visual person

I sometimes find that being a visually focused person can actually have its advantages:
– You can make something of nothing, for example, a lesser/non-visual person will look at a grey building and think “a grey building”, whereas a visual person will look at that same building and think “that grey building has so much raw emotion, the drabness of the grey accentuates its ability to blend in with surrounding buildings. It could almost serve as a blank canvas. Its not just grey, its a colour in its own right. Somehow i can capture the spirit of this image in an art form such as photography or a painting”.

This makes sense,doesnt it?

Although sometimes this amazing visual technique can be a problem when it comes to picturing things in too much detail, more than you may want to know!

In conclusion, being a naturally visual person can help you be a great artist, if you know how to use it to your advantage.

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