The Wig

The Wig

“It was broken.”
“What was broken?” Officer Meally asked the scruffy man sitting in his office.
“It was broken,” he repeated, staring forward at the wall behind the Officer.
As soon as the derelict walked into the precinct, he had not muttered anything except those three words. His gray hair was disheveled and unkempt, as were his clothes. Jeremy Meally was not sure what to make of the man before him. He had not blinked since he entered Jeremy’s small office. A pungent aroma of dirt and dried blood began to fill the room.
The man spoke again, this time turning his wide eyes on Jeremy.
“It was broken,” he hollered as he raised his bloodied hands and thrust them at the Officer.
Jeremy could not seem to shake his unease as he stared at the man’s hands.
“Listen Sir,” Jeremy began calmly.
Slowly he stood up from his seat and took several cautious steps towards the man. He could tell he was distraught, but what had caused him to be this way Jeremy did not know.
“I can help you, if you could please just tell me what was broken.”
The man’s cold eyes had followed him as he approached and still his gaze was unwavering. Jeremy swallowed the lump in his throat and knelt down in front of the man. He had learned the best way to get through to someone was to get down to his or her level.
“What was broken?” Jeremy asked with a soft, calm tone.
Without warning, the man leaned forward, “Her skull,” he whispered.
Shocked, Jeremy stood up and took a few steps backward. He had never expected an answer like that.
“What did you just say?” he asked as if to confirm he had heard the man right.
Instantly the man stood up and quickly stepped towards Jeremy. Jeremy fought to keep his footing as the man pushed him into the wall.
“You heard me,” he spat out. “Her skull, but I fixed it.”
Jeremy’s face was close enough to feel the man’s warm mucous hit just below his eye. Jeremy grimaced, yet tried to remain unmoved by the act.
“W-What do you mean?” he asked, unable to control his anxiety any longer.
Without warning, the man grabbed Jeremy’s shoulders and yanked him away from the wall. Jeremy felt helpless within this man’s strong grasp. He wanted to fight the man, however at this point he was unsure what he would do if provoked. The man dragged him to his seat and threw him down into it.
With angry eyes, the man responded, “I found out what she had been up to all these months. All these months she had promised to be faithful to me only for me to find out about the other man.”
Jeremy swallowed the lump in his throat. He could not speak. Fear had constricted his vocal cords.
The man began to walk circles around Jeremy as he sat nervously in the chair.
“You see Officer Meally, everyday I leave home, go to my crappy job, talk to my even crappier customers, and then drive the horrendously jammed highways home. I am honked at, thrown the middle finger and even shot at, but I still look forward to coming home to see her,” the man informed Jeremy as he continued his pace around the chair. “For the first six years she would always welcome me, but then this last four months I began to notice a change in her. She was receiving text messages during dinner, which she naively thought I never noticed. She even stole away one night at three in the morning and did not return before I left for work.”
Pausing, the man stopped directly in front of Jeremy and smiled, showing off his blood stained teeth. Jeremy had to turn away as the sight made his stomach turn.
“Then,” he whispered as he quickly scanned the room before meeting Jeremy’s eyes again. “Then I figured enough was enough. I followed her during one of her early morning rides and found her jumping into a helicopter.”
“A helicopter?” Jeremy asked.
“I know. That’s what I thought too. Where was she going and with who? That was the big question.”
Jeremy began to sweat profusely. He was beginning to feel very uncomfortable and not in control of the situation. His mind trailed off to the woman he had been seeing these last few months. Was it possible that this man was her husband? That he had unknowingly been sleeping with a married woman. Was it possible this man knew it was him and had come for revenge?
“Sir, how does this have anything to do with me?” Jeremy asked as he fished the bait in front of the man. He knew that if the woman he had been dating was this man’s wife that he would find out immediately.
“It has everything to do with you, Jeremy,” the man replied. His eyes seemed to burn with fire, with a hatred only a man scorned would have.
Quickly Jeremy jumped from his chair and raced across the room. He had to get out of the room before the man killed him. He knew he could do it, he had already killed his wife, and now Jeremy knew he was next.
Before Jeremy could reach the door, the man stopped him with a quick kick to the back of the knees sending Jeremy hurtling to the floor. Quickly he whipped himself onto his back to confront the man who hovered over him. His smile was eerie, his teeth dripping with blood.
“Please, let’s talk about this. I had no idea…” Jeremy began to plead.
“Don’t play coy with me, I know you knew exactly what you were doing,” he responded before leaning down and grabbing Jeremy by the throat.
“I…I, it was an accident. I had no idea she was your wife,” Jeremy pleaded again. The distraught man shook his head, refusing to hear any of it.
With the reflexes of an animal, the man pulled a large hunting knife out from his back pocket and placed it up against Jeremy’s neck.
“You mean to tell me that you had no idea what you were doing this morning when you sped down my street? That you didn’t know what you were doing when you leaned over to grab your ringing cell phone?” The man paused before continuing, this time his voice was loud and full of hatred. “You mean to tell me you had no idea what you were doing when you slammed your Mercedes into my unsuspecting wife as she came home from Canada with our new baby girl?”
Instantly Jeremy’s morning played over in his mind. Yes, he had been in his Mercedes and he was speeding, but it was not a cell phone he had reached for—it was his revolver. Jeremy blinked and then stared deeply into the man’s eyes. Finally, he knew why the disheveled man had chosen his office to storm into.
“Oh,” Jeremy snickered, his voice cold and uncaring. The fear that had once cloaked his face had disappeared leaving only a coy smile and cold heart in its place. “That was your wife and baby? Well I guess you now know why she was in the helicopter and why she received all those messages and late night meetings. All along, you assumed she was cheating. You probably even planned her murder and then what? Then I came along and finished the job for you. If anything, I think you should be rewarding me, not holding a knife to my throat.”
The man’s eyes filled with anger as he pushed the knife harder against Jeremy’s throat.
The corrupt Officer beneath him had seemed easy prey when he had walked into the office, but now Martin was seeing a side of his wife’s murderer that he had never expected. He was unremorseful of the damage he had done and the lives he had taken. Martin became angrier than he had been all day.
“Do you want to know how I fixed it?” Martin asked.
“Fixed her skull?” Jeremy asked with a smile on his face. “With your teeth it seems,” he laughed at his response.
Martin did not smile, nor laugh.
“Actually I’m still in the process of fixing her.”
Jeremy’s grin left his face, “What are you talking about?”
“You see,” Martin began as he pushed the knife deeper into Jeremy’s jugular, watching as the red river began to spill forth. Jeremy’s eyes enlarged as he gasped for breath. “I still need to get her a nice, new wig and what would be better than the hair from the man who killed her.”
With an eerie laugh and crazed eyes, Martin slid the knife across the throat of the man who murdered his wife and waited for his last breath. Jeremy’s lifeless eyes widened and in the last moment of his life, he watched the soiled and crazed man slice his hair off in one piece. With blood dripping from the hair, Martin stood up, smiled at the Officer before turning, and walked to the door.
“Thank you for helping me fix what you broke,” he called behind him as he walked through the door and closed it behind him.

The Wig


Goulais River, Canada

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Artist's Description

Martin Klop needed help to fix the things going awry in his life. Officer Meally had just the thing he was after, however Martin had no plans on asking. He was just going to take it!

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