An Inspired Night : Songs

well i was in bathroom last night ( that’s where all my good ideas come from ;P…no seriously haha) getting ready to go to my brother’s house and all of a sudden i just start singing and coming up with lyrics. so i jotted the lyrics and notes down and this is what i came up with. it’s not much, i know but that’s usually the extent of my song writing…just a few verses. i have made a few full length songs in the past however. alright well here’s the product of my bathroom inspiration ;) ( minus the notes/ music of course) :

Take My Breath Away
take my breath away
hold it tight
keep my heart safe
please don’t break it
release these butterflies
that’ve been suffocated
all my life
and take my breath away

Teach Me How
teach me how to fly
teach me how to soar
teach me how to love you
teach me how to open my heart
and baby teach me how to love you more

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