Christmas Gift :D

hope everyone had a beautiful christmas!!!
i know mine was pretty exciting- so exciting that i feel the urge to share it with all of you!!!!
i got a CAMERA!!! yay!! Nikon D3000! im sooo happy! so now hopefully i’ll be able to take better quality pictures and actually sell them on here :D and due to the fact that ive never really taken such a serious interest in photography before, i will hopefully be taking some classes to help get started :)

i also got a nifty little SD card that you can actually plug straight into the USB plug in your computer! its sooo simple and easy and although a tad pricey i would deffinately recommend it to Anyone!!! its sooo worth it :)

alrighty well thats my update for now! hopefully i’ll be getting some good pics up soon!! until then happy holidays and New Year!!
xoxo jessi

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