The Rendezvous II

As I was sucking her pussy juice off my finger I lowered my self to my knees. With her on the bed and me on the floor that put my face about the same height of her sweet ass. I put both hands on her ass cheeks and started rubbing squeezing and massaging them.She said “fuck me with your finger” as she was pushing her ass toward me.

I said, “you need to beg me for it, or you will not get anything."…and then I slapped her butt…SMACK… She jumped and then she said “PLEASE fuck me baby, PLEASE. I NEED you. I am so HORNY. PLEASE fuck me baby.”
I was still massaging her butt and when I would squeeze them I would push them outward a little so I could view that sexy pussy that was now dripping, and the sexy little ass hole. I put my finger on the outside of her pussy an rubbed it in a circler motion lightly pushing her lips out and making we lover hole wetter and wetter..
“PLEASE FUCK ME BABY” she said as she was pushing her pussy as me trying to get me to put my finger in it….so I slide my finger in a little way and she pushed to. But then I pulled it almost all the way out. And as she started to groan I slide it back in. This time about half way in. She was trying to spread out her legs to give me more room. It gave me a nice view of her behind…ALL OF IT…And it was a nice one…
I pushed my finger all the way it this time and left it. “Is this what you want?”
“Yes baby, PLEASE FUCK ME “.
So I started sliding it in and out real slow…. In and out…In and out…then I push it all the way in with my palm up and curled my finger up and started feeling around with it.
She started moaning and moving around so I would be feeling the right spot. Then I started fucking her with my finger again…. faster and faster…”OH BABY" she said. “That feels SO GOOD.”
As I started slowing down she started speeding up trying to get me to go faster. I lowered my head down and started kissing her on the butt cheeks and would bite her a little and she would jump. I removed my finger and slowly slid my hands down the outside of her legs to her knees and pulled them a little farther apart. I started licking her pussy and then running my tongue slowly up and down between her pussy and her ass hole. She as really moaning now. She started pushing her ass farther and farther towards me. I was running the outside of my hands up and down the inside of her legs. Right up to her pussy then I would stop and slowly back down.
Then I stopped licking and put my finger back in palm down and curled my finger around and found her G spot and started rubbing it. She was really going crazy now. Arching her back down with her face up and moving her butt around. She was making this deep groan and moaning like a wild animal…I was getting so hard I was about to squirt right now…but I waited…I started lightly spanking on cheek then the other. Just hard enough for her to bounce a little, with a harder slap once in a while…SMACK… And she would scream out…Then I reached down and starting rubbing her clit. As I was rubber her G spot and her clit she was arching her back up and then down…Moaning groaning and saying…“OH BABY…THAT FEELS SO GOOD…OH BABY.” I said “Are you ready to cum Baby?”.. She “YES BABY YES.”…But I said…“NO…not until I say it is ok.”…she said …“PLEASE BABY I NEED TO CUM.” I told her to wait but she kept on begging…Her pussy juice was running off my finger onto my hand and her lips were quivering…
I said…”Ok baby…Cum for me…Cum baby."
She started bucking and moaning and shaking….She closed her legs but I kept my finger on her G spot, slowly rubbing up and that kept her bucking and shaking even more. She started screaming out…”OH BABY….OOOOH….BABY…." I pulled out and she slid onto the floor next to me moaning and panting…Sweat covered her face and neck. I laid her down and stated kiss her face and wiping off the beads of sweat..
She was so salty and sweet at the same time. Her hair was getting wet and started to curl a little framing her charming face…I help her up and laid her on the bed and I walked over the bring her a glass of champagne that we shared. I said "Ya need to rest for a while….and she said “NO”…and pushed me onto my back and laid on top of me and started sticking her tongue in my mouth…………

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