My Prayer

I pray… i pray that i learn from my mistakes.. I pray that i make the most of my life.. I pray for courage and strength. I never pray for riches or shiny new things even though it seems like thats what the world revolves around. All i want in life is a few simple things. To be able to look at my past with no regret so i can move on to my future and know i have made the right choices. To not live in fear of tomorrow but to welcome it every morning and make the most of each day. To love many and be loved by many and not live life with hate towards others. To cherish every minute with family and friends because life is quick and often separates you from those you love down the road. To make every minute count… Have no Regrets.. Regret will only eat you alive till you realize that life is a fragile thing the changes in a heartbeat… live it to the fullest. These are my words and i will live each one till the day i die- Shaun

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