“Erik, Erik. Come back! Please come back. Don’t leave me here!”
Erik was running across the bleak landscape, away from me. He was shouting as he went, shouting my name.

“Selene, Selene! Where are you?”
Why was he calling me while running away? I was right here, right behind him. Couldn’t he see me?

“Erik, turn around, please turn around. I’m right here, right behind you. Please turn around.”

But he didn’t, he just kept on running, shouting my name as he went. I wanted to move, to go after him, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move. It was like I was frozen in place by some unseen force. Erik was leaving and I couldn’t follow. I couldn’t do anything but watch Erik move further and further away. I was stuck. As I realised this, it felt as though my heart was ripped out of my chest and it was running away with Erik.
As if on cue, a black shadow covered the land where we were. It seemed to get bigger and bigger as it got closer until it swept past and landed in front of me, facing Erik. I could feel my heart begin thumping hard in my chest. Erik just spun around and faced it. From where I was, I could see the look on his face and it was one of anger and pain.

“Where is Selene, you evil monster!?”
The creature just looked at Erik and laughed.

“You think that you can stand up to me? You’re nothing, nothing more then a puny mortal with only limited power compared to me and your precious Selene.”

Erik froze and the creature just continued laughing. The creature had known exactly what to say to hit Erik’s nerves. My power had been a bit of a strain between our friendship. It seemed as though my power was unlimited, and that would have been a good thing, except with all great power comes a heavy price. The price for my power was my energy. Once, after casting a spell to free Erik and I from the evil Lord Tylar, I had lapsed into a deep sleep that lasted three days. After that incident, Erik had forbidden me from ever using my power to that extent and because he was my teacher in the craft, I had to do as he said.
As I remembered this, the look on Erik’s face changed from that of welled up pain, to a look of absolute fury. I could see that Erik had lost his temper and was done playing nice guy.

“You had better tell me where she is or I promise you that you will regret it!” Erik could barely keep his voice under control.
The creature suddenly stopped laughing and just stared at Erik.

“You dare threaten me? I could kill you with one swipe of my hand if I chose to. But I have something worse planned for you. Oh yes, something much worse.” The creature broke into a deep chuckle that seemed to shake even the mountains in the distance. But Erik did not even flinch. He just stood fast with his sword ready in his hand. The creature stopped chuckling and seemed to think as it examined Erik. After a while it suddenly spoke.

“Before I tell you where Selene is, answer just one question. Do you want her for her power or her body?”
Erik tensed up and I could see the furious look on his face. And even though I felt a cold fury sweep through me, I also felt a need to hear his answer. But he didn’t answer and the creature started laughing again.

“Don’t answer me, it doesn’t matter. Do you still wish to see where Selene is?” It didn’t wait for Erik to answer before it went on. “She has been here all along. Right in front of you. Take a good look around you.”
Suddenly I felt my arms feel lighter and I moved them experimentally. They moved but my whole lower half didn’t. Then I looked up and I met Erik’s eyes. He looked at me, shocked, and slowly reached out to me, while I reached back. But just before our fingers touched, the creature swept its arm and hit Erik, sending him flying backwards.

As he went through the air, Erik shouted out one last thing, “Use your power. All of it. Free yourself!”
Suddenly the creature turned to me and I stared at its grossly disfigured, black face and its rotted hair and the last thing I saw was its blood red eyes.



Shepparton, Australia

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Artist's Description

Something random i came up with while i was bored during class.

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