Wither goest thou?

Wither goest thou?


Deborah, I read “We scrambled for a plaid golfer… but not 9-11” by Russell Holder and then read your comments and did a bit of thinking (not always a good sign – me thinking that is).

Deborah, I am pleased that you are, and can be, who you are. I am pleased that you are able to see yourself as being a bit naïve. I suspect you are that much happier for it. I on the other hand am one of those wretchedly practical and deeply cynical sods, although I have not always been so.

You are right when you say we are exposed to so much propaganda in our lives. We are also exposed to so many other influences – things like the standards and morals instilled in us by our parents – not something that happens automatically nowadays though, but which none the less stick with us for the rest of our lives. But the great tragedy of it all is that we do not choose what world we are born into. I could have been born into a family who follows Islam but praise God, I was born into a family who follows the teachings of Christ. I am so thankful I was “saddled” with the parents who raised me. My father was raised by Victorian parents in England, a carpenter, son of a wheelwright; tradesmen, and hard workers, good with their hands, and creative, in a practical way. My mother was raised by a school master and his family: an intellectual and a thinker, and a man with principles and compassion and empathy. They were a good match for my sisters and I.

When you look at my profile you will see that I spent 35 years soldiering for my country. As a young man I was fighting in the jungle and learned a great deal about myself and about the battlefield and about other cultures, learning Vietnamese in the process. Back then I was naïve. Our work mainly was gathering information without exposing our presence. I had the privilege to see and experience some absolutely amazing things, and survive what’s more. Later I transferred to analysing information gathered in this way. By the mid eighties, I found myself in Hanoi as the junior member of a government delegation looking into our six MIA servicemen (the USA has about 2263 MIA and the South had tens of thousands, and the North had so many they lost count; conveniently or not who knows). Here my eyes were opened regarding how governments often say one thing whilst doing another rather different thing. By then I was also starting to fine-tune my “bull-shit meter”.

By the early nineties I worked on the Horn of Africa in Somalia. Here my compassion and empathy took a fearsome beating as I was exposed to man’s inhumanity to man, and where I worked with Muslims against other Muslims (“goodies” vs “baddies”). I learned the true nature of anarchy. It was here that my circumstances forced me to commence my study of Islam in order to do my job. I was a lost sheep for many years but here I also took the first steps on the road back to my core beliefs, the ones instilled in the home as a child – the real core values. In the new millennium I watched in disbelief as you were attacked. We were galvanised into action then and still our men fight by your side to stand against terrorist extremism. My study of Islam has gained pace.

The corruption, self-interest and greed you allude to in those who hold positions of influence and power is always with us to a greater or lesser degree, but that does not condone it. Our incompetent leaders are unwilling and incapable of rooting it out. They are also placing self-interest ahead of the national interest and the good of the people. They are getting in bed with the wrong people. I see now in our time a parallel in history where Neville Chamberlain attempted to appease the Nazis in Europe in the lead-up to the Second World War. Appeasement failed then, and I see it failing now as the people charged with leading us are appeasing the followers of Islam. My analysis sees the greatest single threat to our civilisation as the uncompromising rise of the totalitarian dogma and rule of Islam as it attempts to subvert our culture dressed up as a Trojan Horse being wheeled out amongst us now and then by our leaders who say there is nothing too much to worry about. They are wrong. All other threats pale into insignificance against this one.
The Netherlands is a fine example of what can be done about it. On Saturday 3 September 2011, in Berlin, a member of the Netherlands Parliament delivered a speech to a gathering of like-minded Germans. His name is Geert Wilder and this is a link to his speech.
Pay attention to what he says. Ask yourself what you treasure in life. Then ask yourself what you can do to redress the situation in your own country. Based on impeccable intelligence and others sound knowledge of the Quran and more importantly its implications, the new conflict is shaping up to be labelled “lawfare” as opposed to conventional warfare. It is an immigrant insurgency that will be defeated in the courts and at the ballot box. The very survival of our western civilisation depends on it, otherwise it may descend into civil strife like the “Arab Spring” and then God help us.

Be proud of your country. Be proud of what you stand for. Be assured we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you – in spirit and in kind; and never give up hope.

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