At 0430hrs this morning (Thu 16 June 2011) my wife and I rose early to shoot the total eclipse of the moon from the small landing at the Tin Can Bay Dolphin Centre. It was a great morning and we took some awesome shots. Later, we hung around for a coffee and breakfast in the adjacent cafe. We sometimes spend Sunday mornings there to watch the dolphins feeding and read the Sunday Mail. Tourists can come here and interact directly with Estuarine Dolphins by feeding them fresh fish, under strictly controlled and most importantly, sanitised conditions, for the sake of the health and well-being of these amazing creatures. This rare opportunity for humans to interact with these intelligent and perceptive animals is under threat! Plans to build a super-marina on the spot are in the pipeline, and if approved will change the landscape where dolphins in this pod have come in for about the last forty years. If you wish to sign a petition to help save these dolphins from such interference, go to this link
The current alpha male of the pod is a daily visitor and is referred to by local volunteers as “Mystique”. I have included stills I shot of him this morning, interacting with a local volunteer before the tourists arrived, and an underwater shot of him using my new Canon Power Shot D10. See the stills on my portfolio. Both the camera and I washed our hands before entering the water, to protect Mystique from any bugs I may be carrying.

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