Works On Paper Group

Hello to all my watchlist friends. we have just started a new group called ,“Works on Paper” and am inviting anyone who is serious about their art to join the group.

Please read the rules first because there are strict guidelines to follow. This group is for artist who mostly work on paper in any medium. Works that you would want to enter into a competition. So not just any works on paper but works you would want to put into competitions. The paper is to be stated and the medium. I eventually want to start forums or discussions on paper. But for now if you work on paper..then this is the place to join. Look forward to seeing more printmaking, ink, pastel, watercolourist and pencil artist in the group. Even more exciting is you can have mixed mediums as long as they are on paper and you tell us what they are. The group hopes to educate artist on paper and mediums. I look forward to this happening.

Any questions please feel free to bmail either myself or Kim the other host of the group.

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  • Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)
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