... and yet AGAIN!

So I’m trying to find out who bought a card of Ice Girl… thought I’d it sussed but turned out it wasn’t him… and I said to Scratch: “See? It’s not only you who’s cute. I know one person who thinks Ice Girl is cuter than you!” He didn’t like that and pissed off out the cat flap, probably to tell his silly friends what a fink I am. In the meantime, I found out that some amazing person bought 3 cards of These Boots are Made for Scratchin’… OK, so I haven’t told Scratch about that and actually don’t intend to. The little upstart’s gotta eat a bit of humble pie now and again.

But it would be cool if I found out. 4 cards in one day is big for me, So I need to give thanks. On the other hand, maybe it’s cool not to know. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of mystery in life… and anyone who buys a card (or 3!) knows that they are way appreciated. So maybe it’s best just not to know… or maybe RB should tell us? Anyone got an opinion on this? The only thing that kills me is not knowing who bought a large framed print of Big Apple. That person really does need a big hug—but alas, it’s been a while so I don’t think I’ll ever know. Oh well, grin & bear it, right?

Major thanks to everyone who has bought anything of mine and to all those who stop and comment and favorite and watchlist me. It’s all you amazing souls that make RB such an awesome place!

Hugs to all, BB

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