... and again!

Scratch, my Siamese, jumped up on the breakfast table this morning, gently (for a change) patted me on the face with his pink padded paws, and whispered in my ear: “Hey Sillyboy, somebody bought one”. “One what?” I said munching my toast and pretending to totally lack interest… “The CARD you dope!” I swallowed and looked him straight in the eye (as you should never do with a siamese) and said: “Snatch, just don`t let it go to your head”.

He`s pretty pissed off at me now, so if someone would like to own up, it would make him happy to know who bought the card. Having said that, I actually wouldn`t have a problem keeping him in suspense. Whoever it was, a very big thanks from me and Snatch!

Cheers, BB

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