2008 Tribute to Awesome Souls

Fist of all, forgive me Rhana for I have sinned… Your format for a year end resumé is cool, but I`m gonna send that to the moon along with the cat and just focus on those who made this past year on RB so amazing for me. Of course it`s also largely about the art… but often it`s the character of the artist that brings it to life, and so this is to specially thank the handful of awesome characters who have provided me with some truly magical moments in 2008 by being amazing artists and wonderful souls at the same time…

Jan , there is nobody on RB who has given me more reason to write this than you. Your support and your friendship has blown me away from day one and you`ll never know how much I appreciate your lovely words, your time and your bear hugs (note missing adjective!) You are a true saint.

Mel , I think your`re the first who`s art totally amazed me here (hey, you’re first on my watchlist!!) and I`ve never changed my opinion that you are the most versatile, and for me the most inspiring artist I`ve never had the pleasure of meeting. And my wife will never forgive you for introducing me to such expensive gear which natch I couldn`t live without. So I will forgive you for her!

Celena , your dynamic is totally off the chain. You`ve had a rough time recently and of all the people to whom I wish a beautiful New Year full of warmth and love, baby you are at the very top of my list!

Rose , ever since you locked me in the cellar with that butcher vixen, I`ve been under your spell. You are SO tuned into my fantasies, I`ve wondered if you don`t know me better than I do myself. You`ve taken me to some amazing places… including Voyeur… a true diamond you are!

Susi , think I`ve known you longer than anyone else here, and I was SO happy to catch up with you again on RB. And I don`t think I`ve ever felt more in tune with anyone I`ve never actually met… you are a true soulmate whos art comes truly from the heart, and I love you to bits!

Barbara , I don’t think anyone else has looked as deeply into my stuff as you have, and so you see a part of me that others don’t. Which makes sense cause your own personality is so deep and multi faceted… and jeeze, you make turpentine smell good!

Kellie Cinnamon Girl, we see you… then we don`t … then we see you again… thank God you came back. But I`ll never foget how much it meant to me that you stayed in touch while you were away. Yours is such a beautiful soul and I hope it stays close to mine for keeps.

Vonne , that infamous collab with you was def one of my vamp highlights this year, and I`ve got your calendar to prove it. But your ravenous fangs can`t disguise the deep softness. Under the black feathers, you`re my baby loving sweetie!

Rhana Muffinbaby Snowqueen, what can I say? Let them eat cake! Seems like years since our Gaia collab… that was def a highlight! You’re seldom around these days but you’re always there, thank God.

Tracey , you are simply one of the strongest people I know, turning your life around the way you have. It’s been such an honor being your friend and I hope the New Year is packed full of awesome stuff for you!

Karen , you just tear down all the boundaries with the boldness of your self portraiture. But through the darkness of your awesome work, you’re such a sweetheart and such a giving soul. Baby, you’re amazing!

Kimmie , we’ve shared some good laughs this year and the place wouldn’t be the same without you. You’re so prolific it’s hard fro me to keep up, but your presence alone puts a smile on my face…. And I’ll never forget that without you, Puss n’ Boo would never have happened!

Millie , don’t know if you’ll ever see this… but you KNOW yer my favorite Joisey Goil and I wish you were around more than you are. Doncha eva feel like smearing grafitti all over my Sanctuary? C’mon lady, I MISS ya!!

Mechelle , I know you will never see this… but you have the unique distinction of breaking BB’s stoopid heart.

OK, so you’re thinkin hey wtf, these are all girls…
duh!… it’s only cause I believe ladies should be first…there’s guys out there who have totally made my year too…

John , I have never known anyone else who’s actually been struck by lightning. Your amazing art is maybe a tribute to what something like that does to a person’s mind! I swear when I retire, I’m coming over to research your mind and write a book. I realize it could take me the rest of my life, but I can’t think of anything that would be more stimulating, and more fun!!

Dave , guppy tank soulmate, I so glad you’re still around and doing your amazing fractals. And you have the distinction of being the very first of the 780+ comments in Billyboy’s Sanctuary… you’ve always been so generous in your support of my stuff and I want you to know how much I appreciate that.

Jase , I look the other way and you’re gone… then you show up when I least expect it to make my day. You’re so tuned in to what I’m about, I hope to see more of you next year.

Paul , I don’t think there’s anyone here who’s work has grabbed my imagination more than yours. Your book will be a coveted possession for life. And I also don’t know anyone who’s been more appreciative of my comments… not many people show that kind of appreciation, which makes you one RB tenth of one in a million!

As for the remaining 450 people on my watchlist (yeah, My Bubble spans a couple of pages in a day!), there’s still another handful I just don’t have the time left to thank. I’m so looking forward to getting to know you all better next year.

In the meantime, I wish everyone the very best Awesome Christmas ever, and a New Year full of warmth, peace and love. Guess I’m just an old hippie rocker…

Love & hugs, BillyBoy!

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