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I was sort of chuffed this afternoon cause I got a BM from Nancy Stafford who, as many of you know, is one of the hosts of the For the Love of cats group. As a member of that group, I had asked her if there was a way of posting my Katz calendar in the group as an artwork. She wrote me back saying she didn’t think this was possible, but that she’d seen the calendar and liked it and thought it would be cool to present it in a JE that I could post in the group

So natch I said, “yeah, cool!”, and now I’m sitting here wondering how should I present it? I could bore you all with tips on digital collage techniques… or give a pompous essay on the virtues of shooting with film… but I needed to look again through the pictures to get what it’s really about.

Ever try putting a cat in a bowl and keeping him there long enough to set up a shot? Or on a dirt filled flower pot? Or making him stare into a mirror at his own reflection?? Cats don’t let you do stupid stuff like that with them. They’re too distinguished. They just glare at you and tell you to piss off and leave. A kitten’s willing to do stupid stuff, but just try keeping him still for more than a split second. By the time you’ve taken an exposure reading and let the autofocus kick in, he’s already been hanging by his claws in the curtains and moved on to the next trick.

So through painful and frustrating trial and error, I came up with the secret recipe that works every time. So simple it’s just silly… kittens go through a high activity cycle that lasts about 10 or 15 mins max, then their little battery runs down and they’re sound asleep in less than 1. If you plan your shot right, you’ve got that one amazing full minute window when you can do absolutely ANYTHING with them you like. For January , I practically had to prop the little guy’s eyelids open with toothpicks. April was a close call… think he actually fell asleep in there and the flash woke him up! May was the funniest… during the shoot , seconds after I took this shot, he slumped down into the colored balls, fast asleep. It wasn’t even easy getting him out! With October , Scratch was looking straight ahead, and as he started nodding off his little head fell downwards and miraculously I got the shot just as his tired gaze met the viewfinder of the old camera prop.

So in fact, there’s nothing in it. You dream up a scenario and a whacked-out kitty will oblige a hundred percent without even realizing he’s doing it. Piece of cake!

Don’t know how long it will take to get approval from the group for this post, and I’m so NOT trying to solicit calendar sales with this. But I do hope you take a look at my Katz and if you dig it, a quick comment would be way cool. And so that you know, December was an exception to the rule. She was totally wide awake and obliged a hundred percent… was almost like she wanted something from me…

Cheers, and for the Love of cats,


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