Here come da bride... again!!

So it’s finally upon me. Daughter Melanie gets hitched for the second time… with the same dude of course!

First course, as most of you know, was in Brussels. The civil ceremony, with reception at an awesome 17th century chateau… a hard act to follow. But she and her husband Arthur and the whole amazing Gallucci family will do their best. The catholic church wedding will be in Montreal on August 16th (looks like close to 300 guests!!), and we’re off tomorrow to walk my baby down the aisle for what I hope will be the last time.

I’ll be back on the 20th with a shitload of pics, so anyone who thought I needed to get my finger out and post more stuff had better duck!!

I’ll miss you guys like crazy as I doubt that I’ll get much hands-on time with the web. But soon as I return I’ll be back checking out your stuff and lovin’ the Bubble.

Big hugs,


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