FINALLY... I can buy the Harley !!

It’s been exactly 4 years since I shot this picture of son-in-law Art on this amazing Harley V-Rod in Rossmeyer’s Ormond Beach showroom…

4 years of thinkin’ Jeeze, if I only had the dosh to buy that puppy I’d ride it to heaven and back. 4 years of working myself to the bone and focusing intensely on that fabulous dream that I prayed one day would come true…

Then FINALLY, and without warning… today came the big break I’ve been waiting for every single minute of those 4 years…

Somebody actually went and bought ONE HUNDRED cards of my picture “The Rock” !!!

The Rock
by billyboy

So now I’m a rich basterd with cash to burn !

But since I can’t actually buy a V-Rod with 16 Euros and 28 cents…
I’m gonna buy a box of frogs instead and send it to a school teacher.
HA !!

Life is amazing.
Even without dosh :-)

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