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Canon 7D with Eye-Fi card & adapter

If you Google “Canon 7D Eye-Fi” you will likely get a myriad of hits that indicate the Canon 7D will not work with the Eye-Fi because the Eye-Fi is an SD card and the Canon 7D uses a CF card. Yes, it means you need an adapter, and even the Eye-Fi web site says it’s not supported. Not so I say because I got it working with the following components.

- iPad 2 with IOS 6.0.1
- Canon 7D with firmware version 2.0.0
- Eye-Fi App for ipad v2.1.1
- Eye-Fi 16GB Pro X2 SDHC Class 10
- SD to CF adapter

To clarify, I have transferred from the Canon 7D to the iPad 2, and from the Canon 7D to my Mac Pro using the Eye-Fi card. The Canon 7D formats the memory card just fine as well. Please note I have not verified the distance capability yet, but will so in the future. However, My ipad would always sit next to the camera for large preview purposes during the shoot.

There is other software for the Mac or PC that you must tweak to configure the Eye-Fi properly and there are several modes available. I prefer the direct mode which will send the photos to a dedicated specific device.

Good luck if you try to do the same, I have proven it works with the preceding config.

- Randy

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