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The Adventures


Mike Staar

Copyright ©. 2003. This book and all related material is and remains the intellectual property of James Bennett. No information may be reproduced, copied or replicated in any form without the express written permission of the author (James Bennett)™.

This is a fictional work and any similarity to real or actual events is purely coincidental.

The Adventures of Mike Staar

A book of stories


Part I
Holiday in the Sun
Page. 3
Chapters One – Six

Part II
Rome all road’s
Page. 13
Chapters Seven -

Part III
Lightning strikes twice
Page. 13
Chapters Seven –

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Part I – Holiday in the Sun

Chapter one

The howling wind crackled against the backdrop of an auburn grey sky in the last minutes of dusk. It was deep winter in the mountains and the pass to the cabin could be seen from the window, only due to the cold grey reflection upon the ridge. The heavy snow fell lightly forming mountains of what seemed to be cold white waves on its way down to the hard frozen ground.

Inside the cabin a man peered out of the thick glass window at the pass, as if he was half expecting something to occur with the transition of light into darkness. He stood just over five-foot tall with a thin athletic physique of a body that had seen the world and had swum against its currents. His rich yet faded blue eyes were filled with the troubles of the world. He was in extremely good shape for a man in his mid forties and stood tall in his thick moleskin pants and double weave earthen brown coloured jumper.

A warm hand came up along side his left elbow as he continued to peer out at the abyss of the night. He consciously relaxed his frame from a mode of standing guard to one of ease, if only to soothe others. It was the hand of a woman coming to comfort and be comforted by another. She reached around to offer a warm cup of broth to help warm the man against the cold.

The woman was his equal in all things that matter to a union of the heart. Heavy with child and seemingly comfortable in surroundings that were, only now seemingly familiar to her. It was the relaxed knowing of a mother to be with a steady hand and a sharp mind that could only be matched by the heart of one that was at ease with her conscience.

The cabin itself was set deep and high in the woods. Secluded from the lights of the city or even the town for that matter. This cottage style cabin had great design and vision on the behalf of its maker. The thick log walls robust flooring and central fireplace were designed to be functional and lasting. The small covered porch was a perfect place to clean and prepare game caught to survive the harsh extremes of the winter months.

Memories came flooding back to the man now enjoying the comfort of the fire whilst reclining towards the arms of the mother to be. Swimming and hunting with his father in his grandfather’s cabin was one of the clearest memories and joys he was to remember as a youth. It was filled with laughter and love, the teachings a father gives a son. The silent lesson’s of life that cannot be spoken, the bonds that tie and bind us together. The silent strings in ones bow that make us strong.

It was a place with all that was needed to give a man his solitude. And now it was to be the last bastion of doctors Trevor and Michelle Staar.

A whirling sound came over the trees. It wasn’t the wind nor was it a natural noise. It was the mechanism of man. A destructive force of power as hard and as cold as the sound of intent made by the machines themselves was now to fall upon the cabin. Bright floodlight’s shone in through the thick and frosted windows. The woman went to the passage door hidden under a thick hide rug in the kitchen compartment of the cabin. She knew what had to be done as practised countless times before. Michelle Staar grabbed at the bag of supplies that lay in wait for the inevitable event that was to now befall the couple. Michelle zipped up the hyper thermal suit that would sustain her on the trek to the uncharted caves that lay over the near by wishuma falls.

The man grabbed his gun and equipment as if he was lacking emotion or even compassion for the events that were to transpire. Trevor Staar had placed himself in an alcove below the floor line of the cabin and began to methodically arm switches on the remote control box he now held in his fire place warmed hands.

The whirling sound became stronger still, as the military helicopters jettisoned ropes for their soldiers to engage the cabin’s occupants on the ground. The sounds that a good dozen, or more men were making there way closer to the cabin became apparent. Loud noises of moving earth were now to become known to the military personnel outside. As the switches on Trevor’s control panel lit up, off went another sound as he threw the switch to the explosive devices along the entry points to the cabin. Horrible screams and panic sounded. Screams of pain that Trevor had heard too many times before. It was the screams of men crying in the night.

The door of the cabin had been flung open by the intruder of the night, as there were few switches on the control panel left to be made use of. Trevor had his gun in hand and fired with accuracy and watched the blood and sinew paste itself to the cabin wall.

More armed men came rushing through the doorway, that now seemed to be a portal as wide as a mountain and deeper than a river.

It was only a matter of minutes that seemed like an eternity, it was the inevitable coupled to the precious time he had given his unborn child to be free. Trevor lay motionless and prostate before the pleased faces of rage, Trevor’s dead body just lying there. His display of non existence was betrayed only by a line of flowing satin red running and now trickling onto the floor, the very place he had trodden a thousand times before alive and full of vigour before this day. It was the death of his son’s innocence, it was the loss of his son’s father. A father that would never utter his son’s name, never touch his hand. A father that would live forever in the deep rich blue eye’s of his son.

Chapter two

Michelle seemed to run at a stand still through the ankle deep snow, suited up and provisioned for a long haul to ensure the safety of herself and her unborn child. The time that Trevor had given them would not be in vain she repeated silently to herself. As she heard the explosions and the deftly silence that followed only to be followed by the charge timer in the cabin destroying the last fragment of a normal life that was afforded them.

Being almost half way to the frozen falls she knew that much of her path would not be followed unless the pursuer had canine companions with them. The snow was beginning to fall harder and the luminescence of early night had turned into darkness. Her path was now clear to her and the success of her escape seemed now to be a tangible proposition.

Having entered the cave from the side of an easily accessible ledge she realised if she was followed there was only one air vent in the cave that she may not be able to navigate in her current condition. Being an expert climber helped little with a seven-month-old child inside you. The positive she thought was the presence of bears was not to be expected. That was Michelle always with the silver cloud in the grey lining, Trevor would say to people when praising his wife to others for her generous and positive nature. She kept on thinking this thought and said out loud to herself. Well the cloud is made of lead now darling.

Half way in the cave she knew that further provisions and firewood that had been previously stored would need to be readied to survive the night, as the temperatures would surely plummet further. A twinge grabbed her side as she made her way down the cold and lonely passage. Her pen torch previously used outside would now guide her inside the cave. This was a woman that had taken on and conquered Everest, had a masters in bio-chemistry and spoke three languages. No twinge is going to stop me she said to herself as she was now so close to really being safe. Up ahead there was a light, she quickly turned off her torch, when a quiet voice said have you been followed.

Michelle turned around and it was clear her companion in the cave was none other than her husbands former work colleague major Adrian Lomar. The major was head of security at Deflon 4, the secret security site where both her and Trevor had worked for the government on top secret projects involving the trans-evolution of human cells.

That all seemed like a lifetime ago, if it wasn’t for Adrian they would have never gotten away from the centre before the so-called accident. Trevor had by chance worked on missions with Adrian in the past and it was this strange twist of fate that made Adrian feel so bound to assist the doctor’s escape when the bio-hazard alarm had sounded almost two years ago.

Adrian I am so happy to see you alive and well, how did you get here Michelle said in a perplexed and excited tone. It’s not safe to be here, there are K-11 agents swarming the hills. I don’t know how safe we will be here or for how long we can manage to stay unnoticed, you shouldn’t have come.

I’m here for you and Trevor. Michelle, where is he asked Adrian in a concerned voice. I remembered the caves that Trevor had told me about. One of my sources had information that they had finally found the two of you. I was on my way to get you both when I heard communications and then choppers flying overhead. I figured if you were going to make it this is where I would meet up with you both.

He stayed behind so that I, we would have a chance. Michelle said as she gently stroked her obvious bulge. I don’t think he will be coming she replied with a long glancing stare to the cave mouth.

Well if he is alive he will surely give them the information they want to know and soon. So we had better think about our next move and quick.

He’s dead !. He’s dead God_ damit. Those bastard’s, think they can just ruin peoples lives and get away with it. Michelle began to weep from one then both eyes. She quickly regained her composure. Her thought’s were quickly turned by the slight feeling of being encumbered with child, this gave focus to the matters at hand. She had to survive, her child had to survive, if for nothing else to prove that it could be done. To prove that everything she had done and had yet to do was not all in vein. It all had to have it’s purpose. Even if that purpose was not yet clear to her.

There’s work to be done, help me light the fire. Adrian notched his head in silent agreement and started the fire, still wondering exactly what had occurred at the cabin when the K-11 trooper’s had arrived. His previous experience with them had told him that you would be better off dead, than withstand the brutality they would inflict to meet their objectives.

The pair stayed in the cave for almost two weeks. It was cold and damp, in the cave. Michelle could even feel a difference in her skin, it certainly wasn’t the cold. It was lack of natural light that she was feeling. Battling the elements while listening into the pings of information broadcast over the civilian radio channels, all thanks to the decryption chip. The transmissions were feverish for the first week and dwindled for the next, until cease and desist orders were heard over the frequency. They had finally believed that there were no survivors or at least there was no one left at this location. That was the first hope of getting out of this cave they had coming there way. After giving it another two days they felt safe there was no more activity and they headed off to the safe house Adrian had waiting for them.

Adrian had previous forgotten to hand this listening device back while on a job for the government. Oh! it was a standard item for field agents of the K range. You see Adrian, Michelle and Trevor were agents of the government. Top secret operatives, trained to infiltrate organisations and find out their secrets. Even spying on subversive elements of their own government was not uncommon.

All of the past seemed like a blurred vision as Michelle and Adrian trekked through the forest to finally reclaim a small utility truck Adrian had hidden down near a river pass. With some tinkering Adrian managed to start the utility and Michelle sat beside Adrian in the cab. Michelle gently grabbed Adrian’s wrist and said thank you Adrian. Adrian simply said we’ll be home soon.

The truck had a false section behind the seating in case they were required to go through a roadblock to make their escape. Adrian lamented on those words he uttered. “We’ll be home soon”, along the long quiet journey to the border. He hadn’t felt any place was home in what seemed now to be another lifetime. He always was the hard-nosed one of the family, or as his dear old Mother use to say. Headed for a head on with God’s right hand.

Adrian had learned to duck and weave with the best of them. Somehow he never found the peace he was looking for. Adventure yes he found that, all wrapped up in blood and dirt. He felt stained like the cheap looking jeans he now wore. All creased and worn and hopefully strong enough still to make the journey he had before him. This child! This child could be the one he was looking for all this time. He wondered if she even knew what she could be carrying inside of her. This could be the evidence that the world needed to see to confirm, just what our glorious government had been up to.

Here is the begining, of My Mike Staar - Novel -- - Enjoy --


Narre Warren South, Australia

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A sci-fi , spy based drama with all that you could expect and more — It has the most human feel that almost makes one believe the flurry of unimaginable events that take place – the most unexpected twists and edge of you seat adrenaline rides gush you forward as the story unfurls from chapter to chapter -

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