Rock on Red Bubble! May you never burst!

Having an artist networking site like this is so great. Designers/artists are oft isolated souls, working in dusty little industrial-chic garrets, pulling vectors/pushing pixels, sloshing paint or squeezing clay. In my professional work, I usually have an overlord (who is usually an accountant) or a client (who is usually an accountant) stooping behind me, saying things like “it just doesn’t feel right” and we are always subject to their outrageous whims and “minor tweaks”. By the way, the phrase “minor tweaks” is kryptonite to even the most super of designers, when muttered at the wrong time it can reduce us to a shakey souffle of our former selves. But these peer to peer sites give us an opportunity for encouragment and constructive critique. I say “Rock on, Red Bubble! May you never burst”

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