Labels That Are Distressing To Me

Do I have pride in the USA and want to hear Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA 24/7? Pride yes, but I’d prefer silence, especially from the vicious caricature political advertisements that can definitely ruin ’when the moment is right with the wife, (or those of you living in sin with a Cross on the wall). You know what I mean dudes!!! Oops, maybe I should include women. I certainly don’t want to sound too sexist, while of course retaining my macho. Yes, macho, so if I’m tapping my foot in a public restroom stall, (let’s just say in St. Paul for lack of a better example): Please don’t think I’m a politician. I might have restless leg syndrome according to the TV. And!!! If anyone asks me to paint lipstick on a pig, I want you to know I don’t usually carry any lipstick in a Chic bag: I don’t own any either, nor know how much it costs for something that might make me fashionably cute. I guess I could go into my closet to see if I have any left over from many moons ago when I once considered painting lipstick on pigs a promising career.

Pride and other words have taken meanings that have caused me to fell distress, but not enough to make me reach for an Aleve. Take the word Gay: (I can hear some of you fellow macho men say, “Hey dude, we don’t use that word in public unless we’re dissing someone.”) I like the word gay, but I don’t like the word ‘Gay.’ I’m not bashing. It used to be a beautiful word, just like rainbow flags used to be beautiful for everybody. Now, this word has been hijacked by a select social group, and no I don’t want to discuss hemorrhoids.

I don’t mind this group having most colorful ‘pride’ parades because the word ’pride’ was not hijacked. Gay has come to mean lifestyle choice or a word used to demean and ridicule. I like a group called ’Singer’s Unlimited.’ They sing beautiful melodies with very clever Jazz inspired harmonies. One song I love is ’When The Sun Comes Up.’ In one lyrics the tenor sadly sings, ’I was so Gay.’ Like I said the word was hijacked and I’m throwing a hissy fit because it’s impossible for me to have a bad hair day, since I’m so macho. Excuse me. ‘What’s that Dear. Membership in the YMCA?’

Another word that has been hijacked, by those whose black heart is on the low road: Is the word ’Liberal.’ Liberal was a cool word when I was growing up. FDR. JFK, RFK and Johnson all took pride (not Gay pride) in saying they were liberals. Now what kind of evil Dark Vader force would try to change the meaning of this word into what many ’right wingers’ want us to believe is worse than, something really bad. Some of these ’Liberal Haters and Bashers’ want us to automatically think like Senator Joe McCarthy, and you know who he hated? Yes, those (un)American communists, many of whom had family members who had laid down their life with Patriotic love of country in war.

I guess ‘Country First’ freedoms don’t matter for Liberals. These right wing mind control experts have hypnotized the general public to think of a person being a threat to society, if they are a ’Liberal.’ Liberal has become dirtier than the “F’ word in many partisan minds. These people have surrendered control of their mind to those whose only purpose is to demean people who don’t think like they do. (Like we do at Fox News). With this word so defined, there is no room for debate or compromise. Then, these people have the gall to question the Patriotism of the person just because he or she has been labeled as a Liberal.’

‘Swiftboating’ has become the way to try to destroy decent, God fearing Patriotic men. Swift boating is no longer a fun ride. This sort of divisive hatred in our language is meant only to demean a person and makes many look like Senator Joe McCarthy clones. If you have the ’Cross’ in your heart, or on your wall, neck or T-shirt (not wet), please think to yourself, ’Why am I casting stones?’ I want the words liberal and gay reinstated to the beauty they once suggested. Excuse me for being so truthful.

May God bless.

Labels That Are Distressing To Me


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