Didn't we have a lovely time....

Having some fun today at the Red Door Creative break up party, where the kids gave Daniel and I phrases and words that we had to photograph.

They then scored US on our originality, composition and technicality – talk about nerve racking!!

We had an absolute ball despite the 40 degree heat. Here are some of the images…

1960s by Daniel

Mary Poppins by Sarah

Playtime by Sarah

Sparkle by Sarah

Popcorn by Daniel

Recycle by Daniel

Never ending by Sarah

zzzzz… by Sarah

Red Door Creative Blog

Cya Sunday...

For those who are local (Sydney – Australia) – don’t forget the meetup on the grass under the Bridge opposite the old Gallery 26 site and just around the corner from Luna Park, this Sunday 20th at 1pm … BYO nibbles and drinks. This is not so much a shoot as a catch-up – the ‘family’ hasn’t really got together in yonks!!!

Another Case of Theft

I seriously don’t understand people’s thought process when they rip off other artist’s works. They can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t find them out.

It is called the world wide web after all!

Have a look through this Flickr gallery and see if you can spot any of your work.

Wanna win a canvas print of 'The Silver Swan'?

You do?

Come along to the Twilight Art Market at Red Door Creative on Friday 4th December from 6.30 – 10.30pm and you will have a chance to win a 50 × 50cm canvas print of The Silver Swan.

Enjoy live music, affordable art – perfect for unique Christmas presents, live art demonstrations, a community art canvas, meet artists and peruse the gorgeous works of the exhibiting artists.


Jill Davis – handmade jewelry
Dr Alex Kolozsy – bronze sculptures
Greg Cregan – ceramics
Gweneth Buckle – paintings
Chantelle Petith – paintings
Sydney Art School

…and many more!

Email for your invitation or call Sarah on 0400 111 904 for more information.

Artists needed

I am looking for Sydney Artists to exhibit in our next Exhibition and Art Market opening Friday 4th December.

Email for more details.

Red Door Creative - What's on in November

Well Christmas is almost upon us (can you believe it?!) and this month at Red Door Creative we have oodles to do!…

Mini Photoshop Workshop by Rosalie Dale
Learn how to create lasting mementos demonstrated in both Photoshop and Picasa (free editing program).
$45 per person
Saturday 7th November
12 – 2pm

Scrapbooking Workshop by Cathie Townsend
Why not have a girl’s night out? Create gorgeous Christmas cards using Scrapbooking techniques. Supper will be provided.
$25 per person
Thursday 19th November
7.30 – 9pm

Mini Photoshop Workshop by Rosalie Dale
Learn how to create lasting mementos (re-run by popular demand!) demonstrated in both Photoshop and Picasa (free editing program).
$45 per person
Friday 20th November
Time TBC

Basic Photography Workshop by Sarah Moore
Learn how to use all those fancy knobs

Would you like to participate in an Art Market?

Well Christmas is upon us already – can you believe how quickly this year has gone?!…

In preparation for Christmas Red Door Creative will be running an Art Market on the weekend of December 4th – 6th in Dural, Sydney, Australia. There will be a themed exhibition, along with tables of affordable art, live artists demonstrations, a community canvas and loads of other fun stuff.

You can participate in the following ways…

Attend our Opening Night on 4th December from 7.30pm
With live entertainment and artist demonstrations – this is a VIP invitation only event – so email for your chance to purchase some unique Christmas gifts before the weekend.

Attend the Market on Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th December 10 – 5pm
Tables of affordable art, artist demonstrations and

Elmo's Big Adventure

Today in class Elmo went on an adventure. The task was to create emotion or tell a story through their images. The following are what my kids came up with in their class…

Elmo sets off on his big adventure

Elmo finds himself in a spot of bother

Oops! Jailbird Elmo :(

The morning after the night before

For more up to the minute information you can follow Red Door Creative here too:

Red Door Creative Blog

Portrait Photography

This term at Red Door Creative we are focusing on Portrait Photography.

In our first lesson we talked about composition, using architecture, emotion, angles, leading lines, and framing to create interest as well as breaking the rules!

Here are some of the images that the students came up with:

Framing the Face by Cathie

Capturing Emotion by Di

Meet Laura by Katie

Using the environment by Nikki

From Below by Shinaye (aged 12 yrs)

Shooting from above by Rebecca (14 yrs)

For more up to the minute information you can follow Red Door Creative here too:

Red Door Creative Blog

Spring has Sprung Exhibition

Check out some of the images from the opening night of the Spring has Sprung Exhibition……

Our fabulous display of hand developed pin hole images, taken as part of the Kids Photography Boot Camp. This was the highlight of our week as Steve helped us make the pin hole cameras from scratch, and then spent the remainder of the day perfecting the images, which proved difficult as the day was overcast and raining.

We persisted though and even tried a 40 minute exposure!! The kids favourite part was watching the images come to life in the dark room (it was mine too!!)

On our second day of the camp we created comic strips, the kids had to create a storyboard with their own story and then go out and take the images to suit. They really enjoyed watching their images come to life.

Steve Lovegrove d

Scavenger hunt

Today was the first day of our Kid’s Photography Boot Camp.

They were given a list of words then had to go out and shoot their interpretation of the words in pairs.

We then returned inside to review the images after which we had a chat about composition, light, aperture and shutter speed. I then sent them back out in their pairs to reshoot the words…and they came up with some awesome results!

The words were:


by Luke – aged 7

by Zoe – aged 10


by Daniel – aged 10

by Meg – aged 13


by Daniel – aged 10

by Cathy – aged 14


by Luke – aged 7

by Meg – aged 13


by Zoe – aged 10

by Luke – aged 7


by Zoe – aged 10

by Meg – aged 13


by Cathy – aged 14

by Nathan – aged 8


Capturing a moment in time


by Zoe – aged 10


Exhibition Launch

…the Spring has Sprung exhibition is being launched this Friday at 7pm and I would love to see you all there!

There is a really great mix of art and photography on display with images from my term students, images taken on home made pin hole cameras from our Kid’s Photography Boot Camp, as well as heaps of other art from artists and photographers all over the state – interstate even!

The exhibition runs for the entirety of Spring…

Red Door Creative Gallery

937b Old Northern Rd, Dural, Australia

Gallery Opening Hours

Wed – Sun
10 til 2pm

There are also places still available in our Basic Photography Workshop on Saturday if anyone is interested, just email for more information.

Cya on Friday!

Unique Christmas Presents...

Over the past couple of weeks I have made three large sales here on Redbubble…it must be coming up to Christmas :)

One Single Tear

La Danse Macabre

Butterfly Kisses

Thank you so much to my generous buyers!! Such a buzz to know that others appreciate your work enough to put it up on their walls :)

Mounted Prints a little outside the budget? What about a calendar?!

Or a book…

It’s a Woman’s World
by Sarah Moore

A book of art and inspirational quotes highlighting the beauty of the female in all her forms.

A challenge and a really cool prize!

The Sydney Group has just launched a new challenge – The Art of Zen.…

We are looking for elegant, beautiful images that appeal through their simplicity. Channel your inner creative – this is an awesome prize!!

The prize is two tickets to the opening night of ArtSydney 09 worth more than $100!!

The Weekend Australian Art Sydney 2009

The Weekend Australian Art Sydney will return to the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney from 22 – 25 October 2009.

The Weekend Australian Art Sydney offers something for every budget, with an extensive range of art to buy from contemporary to traditional and emerging to investment. Art Sydney also offers educational art walks, art activities for children and entertainment. With over 80 galleries and many of the artists on site, The Weekend Aus

A Tribute to Axel

Up until now I haven’t been able to face putting together anything for Axel…he doesn’t even have a baby book for goodness sake!!…

I have decided that I am going to make a book for him out of all our favourite images, memories, artworks and poems – it will be titled Sweet Child of Mine.

So many of you here on Redbubble have played such an important role in supporting me through the last 18 months and without your thoughts and prayers this experience would have been that much harder.

Many of you wrote poems or created artworks in his honour and I would love it if I could include some of them in the book. If you would like to be a part of this, you can leave a message here or email me at

Axel by Kellie Cranmer

Hope by Mark German

Axel by Vikkie Smith

Axel by Me

Today Axel is three...

Today is Axel’s third birthday.…

We have all taken a day off and are spending the day together on our property. We have planted a tree and put plaques on 2 other already planted trees which have phrases or poems that remind us of him.

The link above is a video of some of our favourite moments of Axel.

Tonight we will have the rest of the family around for dinner, a cake and we will all write something to Axel and tie it to a red balloon. We will release them with tiny glow sticks attached so that we can watch our memories float off into the night.

This is the plaque and tree from today, it is a silver birch tree with the following words for his third birthday…

22nd September 2009

Boys are made of chuckles and grins,
Tousled hair and banged-up shins,
Things with wheels and frogs in pockets,

Call for Artists to Exhibit

I am looking for artists to exhibit in my next Red Door Creative Exhibition opening on Friday 9th October and running for the remainder of Spring.

The theme will be Spring has Spring and I am looking for a wide variety of mediums. I am not necessarily looking for flowers or traditional springy art, I am hoping that people will think outside the box a little! But flowers are acceptable too :)

It is open to any artist that are willing/able to get their art to me in Sydney, Australia (either by personal delivery, post or through Redbubble) by Sunday 27th September.

If you are interested and would like to know more email me at with Spring has Sprung in the subject line and I will forward you an application form.

This is SO much fun...

I love teaching people to use their cameras…and to love photography as much as I do. The students are having a ball, they really look forward to coming each week! This week was a little dull, talking about colour space and image formats so I made sure that we had a little fun with our cameras at the end with bubbly fruit!

Want to know more?

Email to receive our monthly newsletter.

Go to or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Check out some of the images that my students have taken:

Learning about DOF

DIY Light Box

Using Flash

Slow Sync Flash

Bubbly Fruit

artcreative - wanna receive my newsletter?

Here is a sample of the brand spanking new monthly newsletter from Red Door Creative……

Each month artcreative will feature an Artist or Photographer, keep you up to date on events and exhibitions, showcase our student’s work and have a cool Tips n Tricks section.

For a copy of the newsletter email with newsletter as the subject.

This month’s featured Photographer is Steve Lovegrove (starvingartist) – Steve will be teaching the kids at our photography boot camp how to make their own pin hole cameras as well as teaching a basic photography workshop for adults on the weekend.

He will also be our guest speaker at the opening night of our October 9th Exhibition – Spring has Sprung. This will be another great opportunity for Redbubblers to catch up, drink and be mer

An exercise in Exposure

Today I taught a class on Exposure and White Balance.

For the practical section of the class I made a lightbox out of materials that you could find at home, lit on both sides by lamps diffused through tracing paper. The students then practiced applying different exposures and white balance settings to their images.

You can check out their images here.

But here are a couple of examples straight from their camera (no PS work apart from cropping at this stage)…

The students were so excited and all left the class vowing to go home and make their own lightbox!!

To view a tutorial on how to make a DIY lightbox click on the linky.

For more information on classes – Red Door Creative

Red Door Creative Update

Thought I would give you all a quick update on Red Door Creative……

After the opening night we generated lots of interest and actually sold quite a few artworks!

I have classes running on Thursdays for the Photography Workshops and a high level of interest for weekend workshops (which is super exciting!). I am also looking at starting up some Fine Art Classes and Social Events during the week.

I am currently looking for Artists and Photographers who are willing to join the Red Door Creative Artist Co-op…this will consist of Artists, Photographers, Sponsors, Business Partners and Volunteers. A network of willing people to promote and assist Red Door Creative and you as Artists.

There is no charge to become a part of the Co-op, it will rely on active participation by the artists through exhib

Junior Fine Art and Photography Exhibition...

Is your child an artistic genius? Or maybe just loves taking great photos?…

Then check this out…a fine art and photography competition and exhibition for children aged 8-16. The works will be judged by three local artists, in two age groups, 8 to 12 and 13 to 16. First and second places will be awarded in both fine art and photography categories.

All this will take place at Red Door Creative on Friday 4th September from 6.30pm.

Email for an entry form or more information.

Upcoming events at Red Door Creative include

October – Fine art and photography
November – Mini Bridal Expo and Wedding photography competition
December – Art Market
January – Photography Boot Camps
February – Sci-Fi Art (I am REALLY excited about this one!)

If you are interested in being a part

Calling for artists and photographers

Calling for artists and photographers willing to teach classes or workshops, participate in group/individual exhibitions or be a guest speaker at monthly meet-ups at Red Door Creative, Hills District, Sydney.

Email Sarah at to express your interest

Opening night of Red Door Creative went off with a bang!

After a fairly hectic week of painting and hanging art…the night finally arrived!

The Mayor of Hornsby Shire Council Nick Berman gave a great speech while Alan Cadman (Liberal Member of Mitchell for 33 years) and his wife enjoyed the art and meeting local artists.

Many Redbubblers enjoyed catching up (it’s been a while)…check out the link and see if you can spot any familiar faces! There was even a surprise visit from a Melbournite (can you pick who?)…now that was a lovely surprise!!

Thanks again to all the sponsors (Redbubble, on the go, Dural Beauty Care, ID Photography, Jane Hart and Bill and Sarah Photography), artists, supporters and well wishers who helped make the night such a success…and especially my mum and Daniel who without their help would have been a little lost – LOL.

Award Winning Artists Exhibit at the Launch of Red Door Creative

There are only nine more sleeps before the launch of Red Door Creative.…

The opening night will be an exhbition of local and internationally acclaimed artists including…

  1. Local AIPP award winning artist Tanya Rochat (Winner: Illustrative Photographer of the Year NSW, 2007, 2008, 2009)
  1. Internationally renowned stained glass artist Jeffrey Hamilton whose piece Glass Painting No. 5 recently won second place at the Royal Easter Show, Sydney.
  1. Digital 3D Artist Rose Moxon
  1. Paper Sculptor and Calligrapher Antoine de Paauw

As well as local photographers…

Morris McLennan
Di and Ian English

And many of our own Redbubblers including

Andrew Bosman
Adriana Glackin
David Iori
Philip Johnson
Steve McLaren
Marilyn Brown
Samantha Van Stralendorff
Bill Fonseca
Sleek Images
Rosalie Dale
Gail Douglas
George Petrovsk

I need a T-Shirt Artist for my exhibition!

Is there anyone who has 3+ T-Shirts already printed up (or could get them printed up and sent to me ASAP) and who would like to be a part of my launch exhibition on the 24th July?

I have 3 mannequin torsos on stands to display them along with our other awesome artworks!

Please note: that this is an exhibition of quality artworks so the T-Shirts must be of a high standard. Final choice will be up to my discretion!

Red Door Creative on Facebook and Twitter

Follow us for up to date info on upcoming workshops and exhbitions!

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Red Door Creative Launch Night...

There’s frantic activity on this end as we prepare for my new venture Red Door Creative (photography and photoshop workshops) with a grand Opening Night and Exhibition to launch the project on 24th of July here in Dural, Sydney, Australia.

If you will be in the area and would like an invitation (from which you could win a redbubble canvas print, or a photo shoot or other great prizes !!!) let us know and we’ll get one to you!


If nothing else, free nibbles, drinks, great company and a live jazz group will make it a pleasant night out.

On exhibit will be photography (of course), as well as fine art, paper sculpture and calligraphy, stained glass, 3D digital art , even art on T Shirts – sourced from all over the state.

Can I have your help/advice please?

Ok so here is the website for my new business…

Could you please tell me how long it takes to load on your browser?

And what you are using to view. (IE, safari, firefox etc)

Does anyone know of and easy ways to speed up the load time of a flash site? (Apart from reducing image size etc)


P.S. What do you think of the site?

Let's play a game...

Choose 8 images that you would like to see on the homepage and add them below in your reply.

Here are mine…

…and then maybe we can add some of our choices to the thread in the forum!

p.s. remember that RB doesn’t show nudes on the homepage


Red decided to put up my choices for the homepage…

…alas they were only up overnight before a new homepage was put up so I missed seeing it ‘live’ so to speak.

Does anyone else feel that the homepage should stay static for longer? Give the people featured decent exposure?

I have posted a thread over in the suggestions forum- – go check it out.

And the winner is...

On a Night Like This has placed first in both the Shameless Self Promotion’s Featured Challenge and in the Fantasy Art Composites Water challenge!

There is an interview with me posted as the featured artist in the Shameless forums if you want to check it out.

Catch Me I’m Falling placed first in the Challenge Cafe’s Grace challenge

I am Woman placed second in the Blue Room Victoria’s Little Secret Challenge.

Thanks to all that voted!! Go check out all the other great entries.

I'll show you mine...if you'll show me yours...

I want to see a piece of art from your gallery that you are most proud of and a piece of art out of mine that you like…and if you feel inspired an explanation as to why you chose them.

I will do the same in return in my reply (I will choose my fav piece from your gallery).

Here is some inspiration from artists on my watchlist….

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings...

Bill and I have shot two weddings over the past couple of weekends, and I thought I would share some of the images with you.

Both days had their challenges…the first wedding the sky was incredibly bright and on the second day the camera that we hired for the day had issues (flash hub failed as did the preview and delete button). But it was a learning experience and we came out with knowledge and some fantastic images.

You can have a look at some of the images at our blog.


A little piece of THE CITY comes to the Country...

I eagerly picked up my copy of The City from the post office today (mind you that’s a 20 minute drive from the farm!! LOL)…

It’s a gorgeous sleek black publication that just oozes sophistication and style. It comes in its own black box…while the pages are thick and luxurious making it a pleasure to flick through.

I absolutely LOVE the image on the inside cover of the book…

There is a fabulous selection of images scattered throughout, here are some of my favourites…

Along with emotive pieces of writing…

Steeples by Justin Compton
Three things flew out a window by Michael Douglass

Well done to all the hamsters at Redbubble for putting together yet another gorgeous publication!

I can definitely recommend this book…well…what are you waiting for?! Go and buy your copy!

Gangsters and Molls

Last week I celebrated my birthday by throwing a 1920’s style Gangster party…complete with gambling, bar and 1920s music.…

Everyone really got into it…there were lots of feathers, guns and dapper hats. We even had one of Glen’s young mates come and teach us all how to play poker properly…while my brother-in-law dealt at the Blackjack table.

That was until my 12 year old daughter Meg decided to give it a go…talk about a card shark! She cleaned up every table she played at…LOL.

Zoe looked in incredible – and had a great time (I think she just enjoyed saying “Hit me!”)

We all played for a gorgeous bottle of black Sambuca – Bill’s wife cleaned up after conning us into thinking she couldn’t play! (Very sneaky!)

Oh and I have to sack the photographer as he forgot to get any photos of the birthda

Happy Birthday to me...

So today is my birthday…

It’s a day mixed with both sadness and excitement. I miss both my son and my brother so much on these special days.

I got the most amazingly creative gift from my kids…they spent all last night creating a collage of photos…words…drawings and other bits and pieces for me and this morning I had to follow the clues to find it. I am so incredibly lucky!!

Any hoo…I was wondering if we could try something…you show me your favourite piece of art of mine and then as a reply I will pick one of yours from your gallery? What do you think…?!

I will start with a couple of my favs…

I just won a replica of Anne Hathaway's Oscar dress...

Yesterday I entered a competition on a local radio station here in Sydney…I had to choose which of the gorgeous gowns from the Academy Awards I would like to win and describe why in 100 words or less.…

I was rung last night to warn me that I was one of a shortlist of women and to keep my phone on this morning. I listened all morning until about 9.30am and they STILL hadn’t announced the winner so I caved and rang the station.

It seems that Kyle and Jackie O the announcers on the morning show had forgotten to do the segment and accounce the winner!!

Anyhoo check out the incredible dress I have won a replica of….

I can see some photoshoots coming up…LOL

How good was the ceremony btw? I am not ususally one for speeches and ceremonies (just ask Bill how much I hate having to sit through all t


Recently entered Oh Behave into the James Bond Group Challenge and it came second!!

Not only that but I opened up RB this morning to find that it is featured on the Home Page!!

Blog Site

I have created a blog site for Bill and Sarah Photography!

It will showcase each wedding that we do and provide a place for wedding guests to check out the images.

We will also upload special commissions and portrait photography.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

You can also find us at the following:

Our Wesbite…

Our Blog…

On Facebook…

Here on Redbubble…

Modeling Portfolio

Recently I have been in front of the camera more than I have been behind it, and I have really enjoyed it!

I have opened another account here on RB to put these images into and separate it a little from all my art.

Check it out by clicking on the image below

A Tree for Axel

On Boxing Day this year we planted a mandarin tree for Axel.…

Our home has a massive hallway that runs the length of our home with a floor to ceiling window at either end. We planted the tree right outside one of those windows so that we see the tree each an every time we walk up the hall.

There were many friends and family there to support us and each of them placed a handful of dirt into the hole for Axel.

After Glen finished with the tree I managed (there were lots of tears and snot here) to read out the poem that I had written for Axel…The Door.

Then we had the kind of day that Axel would have loved with motorbikes, quad bikes and a water slide into the creek.

We slowed down a little after dark as the immediate family returned to congregate around our plastic shell pool and each of th

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait