There is a stocking missing from above our tree...

For most Christmas is a time of joy, celebration…it’s all about family and of course the children.…

For me it’s a nightmare…each day that my children count down brings me closer and closer to the day that my baby died.

Tonight as I was wrapping presents, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces as I watched Ty playing with the presents stacking them carefully in size order (he’s a bit anal!!) and I couldn’t help but remember last Christmas…

Axel loved the bright paper and I spent hours every day scolding him for unwrapping presents…so much so that when it came to Christmas Morning and we sat all the presents in front of him, he refused to open them thinking he was going to be scolded again!

The ache in my heart at times is unbearable…it becomes hard to breathe… impossible to go on. How co

Redbubble 2008...What a Year it Was

You can blame Rhana for this one!! Here goes……

State your name and your business

Sarah Moore…aka bigbear aka bear/bare and recently called Miss Creativity on a Stick (I like this one!!)

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight for the year

December 28th at 4.30pm when Redbubblers from all over the world released a red balloon for my baby boy (Axel).

On a more fun note…hanging out with Rose is a riot! All of our wild and crazy photo shoots have been a blast.

Christmas tune that you would ban for life and why

I love watching the Carols on Christmas Eve…but I would have to ban Jingle Bells…I mean I live in Australia for goodness sake. How many sleighs are sliding down my street at Christmas?!

Funniest comment you’ve seen on a work/journal/forum thread

Anything involving Stu


I have been thinking about my art and where I want it to go.

My RB account at the moment is a mish mash of photography, art and design, with 13 pages of works.

I am trying to decide what to keep here and what to take out.

So I need your help, what should I keep?

Which ones are your favourites, if any LOL!?

Oh, and while you’re helping me out, would you vote for me in the General Pants Bubble Initiative?!


Something just for fun...

The past year for us has been pretty dismal, as most of you know. So last night after a particularly tough day we got out our wedding video which made us laugh and cry all over again.

I thought I might share it with those of you who have been such a massive part of my life this year, just click on each image to view the Youtube file…

Getting Ready…

Arriving (this was so much fun!!)…

The Ceremony…

Now this is cool...

Today as I was walking through my local shopping centre…my daughter called out to me to stop.…

In total I am over the exquisite torture that is shopping with a toddler and a teen (how stupid am I!!) mode, I snap “Not now Meg we’re in a hurry”.

Meg tries to stop me again saying, “I can see one of your images”

Now I am really cranky…why would one of my images be in the middle of a shopping centre? I turn to tell her to get on with it and am confronted with Butterfly Kisses staring out at me from about 30 different frames!!

A couple of months ago Avantcard printed 20,000 postcards of Butterfly Kisses and distributed them all over Australia. When I asked the owner where she got the images from it seems that Avantcard had sent them a heap to use in their frames as promo images!

They lady also s

If you only buy ONE calendar this year...

Then this should be the one…

A collaboration of epic proportions by the following Redbubble artists…

Rose Moxon and Mel Brackstone (the brains behind the operation)
Julie Langford
Paul Vanzella
Martin Hosking
Rhana Griffin
Kate O’Brien
Natalie Perkins
Bill Fonseca
Geoff Coleman
Nicole Goggins
Faizan Qureshi
Karen Cougan
Richie Dean
and Mugsy

It’s a little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun!

The calendar has been put together to support the Fred Hollows Foundation, and thanks to our generous sponsors, for every calendar that’s sold, $6 will be going to the foundation, and the price is STILL only $22. Our anonymous sponsors will cover their donations to the sale of 100 calendars, or the end of the year 2008, whichever comes first.

So check it out, have a laugh and support

A Pair of Shoes

Yesterday I faced another milestone in my journey without Axel.

I attended a funeral. Not just any funeral, but one of a baby girl who never got to take her first breath.

Axel now has another friend to join him on his journey …her name is Imogene Kate.

The funeral was held at the same place we held Axel’s. There were many stunned faces when I walked into the group of people…many said that I was brave and strong to be there. But I didn’t feel brave and strong, it was something I just had to do…there are so many difficult things every single day in my life without Axel, this was just one more.

At the funeral the Grandmother read out the following poem…I wanted to share it with you as it sums up exactly how I feel about losing my son.

A Pair of Shoes

I am wearing a pair of shoes.
They are ugl

Waterfalls, Vampires and St Marys Cathedral

Thunderstorms quake…rangers disappear and leaches flee under the wrath of Rose Moxon.

Over the weekend I was priviliged (or crazy!) to be part of one of Rose’s mad schemes …a variety of different photo shoots…they were wild, wacky and just a little bit naughty!!

We trecked down mountains…sat under waterfalls with creepy crawlies nibbling our feet…were tied to gates…posed in front of St Marys Cathedral….was starved for DAYS…woke up this morning looking like Medusa…

…you are just going to have to be patient and wait!

Watch this space!


Overnight I rolled over to 100,000 views in just 1 year – how stoked am I?!

Other recent RB achievements…

Mirror, Mirror is currently on the Featured Art Page

One Single Tear recently won a graphic & digital challenge

Butterfly Queen is in the top ten for the Empowered by Beauty challenge

Save that for later made it into the top ten for the Totally Candid Wedding Photography challenge

In our dreams is currently in the top ten for the Love competition

Time Flies finished in the top ten in the Time challenge

To all Melbournians...

The gauntlet has been thrown…and as any good Sydneysider who loves a good bet would do…I accept.

Manly will woop the Storm…and havoc will be wreaked upon the Melbourne Group for 2 whole weeks.

And if by some freak chance the Storm do beat Manly, then we will brave our punishment stoically and wait for our opportunity to strike back.

BUT in the meantime…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

P.S. Sydney men are WAY cuter than Melbourne men!

14,382 Butterfly Kisses

Ever since I uploaded this image 9 months ago just after Axel died…my family and I have received 14,382 butterfly kisses from those of you who have visited my image that same amount of times.

Axel gave the most gorgeous kisses…he would place his lips on your cheek and then blow ever so gently. My husband gave me a kiss just like it on Monday night (Axel’s Second Birthday) just before we went to sleep and told me it was from our baby boy to say goodnight.

Butterfly Kisses…for my baby boy as he turns two.

This image has been viewed 14,382 times, had 9 sales and 170 favouritings (on Redbubble), been printed as an Avantcard and distributed all over Australia…and is hanging on my niece’s wall (whose eye I used) as a special reminder of her cousin.

Woo hoo!!

New Beginnings is on the Featured Page!

Mum rang me while I was on my knees hard at work staining our gorgeous new floor to inform me…well I can tell you it brightened up my day that’s for sure!!

I arrived home for about 2 minutes tonight before I rushed back out the door to take Meg to gymnastics to also discover that I am now over 80,000 views!

I would do a little happy dance but I am too sore – LOL!

Apologies and Tissues

I have been absent from RB over the past few weeks and I have really missed creating art for you all! But unfortunately this is going to continue for the next month or so.…

We are moving into our new home (which is not yet finished) in 2 weeks and we are frantically sanding floors, putting together kitchens and so many other fun things, along with packing up our current home. I may even be without the internet for a period of time – NOOOOOOO! (Mum, you are going to see more of me – LOL)

This is how it actually looks right now! Yep – we have a lot to get done in 2 weeks!

I am struggling with the move in a big way as I feel as though I am leaving my boy behind, this place contains all my memories of him – both good and bad. My head knows that I will carry him in my heart always, but my emot

Grand Final

Hey all!

My gorgeous little girl Zoe’s soccer team made it into the GRAND FINAL for soccer on the weekend (this was their first year playing!!). They played an awesome game but were beaten by a better team in the end.

Thought I would share some pics that Bill took on his brand new Nikon D3 today…

Oh and a couple of Meg playing in her semi-final for netball…

P.S. Yep I am a proud mum, and nope I’m not afraid to admit it!!

Woo Hoo!!

So a couple of months ago I entered New Beginnings in a Melbourne Group competition to be exhibited at the Rialto Towers for 2 weeks.

I won and it has been hanging up in Melbourne for the past week.

Today I found out that it SOLD!!

How cool is that?!

Big thanks to Paul Louis Villani for organising the exhibition. MWAH!

Bubblemail Match by John Robb

A short time ago John Robb posted some quotes that he had received in bubblemails and challenged everyone to figure out who they were said by.…

Here were the clues…see if you can figure out who they were said by before you go and see the results (posted as a comment in the journal)

OK the Names (in no particular order)

A – Melinda Kerr
B – Michael Alesich
C – EarthAirFire
D – Helen Mclean
E – Adrian Carmody
F – Mel Brackstone
G – Paul Lois Villani
H – Jo O’Brien
I – Andrew Bosman
J – Mark German
K – Animo
L – Sarah Moore
M – Jessica Tremp

Their quotes (once again in no particular order)

1 – anyway, my boobs would get in the way trying to shoot an arrow from a bow
2 – i secretly have a thing for pi
3 – I can’t wait to add the images (maybe even Mark Germans’s bum) to my….
4 – camera + friend of the zoo pa

Check this out

Muscular Teeth has created an amazing video featuring Redbubble Artists titled Monsters, Fantasy and Folklore Art. He writes the music himself and puts it all together, so PLEASE check it out!

Here is the link.

Bad day turned upside down...

Each month around this time (it was the anniversary of Axel’s death over the weekend) I struggle to get up in the morning, I sob in the shower…I then pull myself together, paste that smile on my face and get on with my day. Over the last 7 months this has become harder and harder to do.…

Today sucked. I got cranky with my kids, was stuck in traffic for an hour which made me VERY late for TAFE (studying Graphic Design) and I missed my first class. I had an argument with a teacher who refused to acknowledge that my experience as a designer/mature age person counts for prior learning – my time is so precious, every moment I am spending away from my son is a moment lost.

I arrived home late tonight after sitting through said teacher’s horribly tedious boring class on research of all things, I

More Shameless Self Promotion!

I entered The Butterfly Queen into the Challenge Cafe’s Editing Mayhem competition and out of about 300 entries it was voted into the TOP TEN!!

It is also currently sitting at 19th most popular image for the past month!

Thanks all of you for voting, favouriting and viewing!

Shameless Self-Promotion

I am a little overwhelmed right now as I got home from playing touch footy (where I ran into a guy’s VERY hard head and now have a black eye!!)…and my watchlist has gone nuts! 5 pages of comments, favourites AND 2 features!

Both The Artistic Nude and Fantasy Art group have featured The Butterfly Queen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! (those are for you Stuart)

Man I have had a great day.

Black or White

My image New Beginnings has been chosen by the Melbourne & Victoria group to be a part of an exhibition in the Rialto Towers, Melbourne.

It is described as an opportunity to exhibit your work in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and iconic skyrise buildings; The Rialto Towers. See your art exhibited in the main entrance with exposure to over 5,000 people a day. This offers you “Maximum Exposure” to a whole new audience of potential art buyers; business owners, executives and tourists.

I need your help to decide whether to print it with a black matte or a white matte! What do you think?



It has been 6 months since Axel died…the longest 6 months of my life and yet it has gone too quickly.

I created this to remind me of the times that we had with him…


End of time has been featured in the Art of 3D group – thanks!!


My views!

I am blown away by this community and their generous spirit. I love creating new art and posting it as I know that so many of you will genuinely enjoy it and comment on it!

Runner Up

I entered my image Somehow she knew her time had come into the Greed Competition in Challenge Cafe and it was chosen as the Runner Up!

I am very excited that so many people liked it!

I also entered Final Resting Place into the previous Collaboration Challenge at the Challenge Cafe and it was chosen in the top ten Finalists!


Thanks to you guys and my Mists of Avalon series I have now reached the big 60!

Thought I would share with you my top images (based on views, favouritings and sales)…

A Collaboration

Keith R. Williams bubblemailed me this morning to ask if I would like to use his poem Forbidden Love with my image A Forbidden Love from my Mists of Avalon Series.

Here they are together…

A Forbidden Love by Keith R. Williams


All writing is copyrighted by The Artist Elite Inc. 2008

Check out Keith’s work he has some amazing written works and unusual artworks!

Mists of Avalon - The Completed Series

I have finally finished my Mists of Avalon series. I am actually kind of sad – it’s like finishing a great book! Anyhow here it is the series in total…

Artist Collaborations…

Rosalie DaleMisty Morning
Will Barton – …Trunks in the Mist
George Petrovsky – …Pine Forest Mists
Gail Douglas – …Hampden Bridge
Stevie MillgateLight over the Castle
keleka656 – …Another Snow Day
Mark WalkerShropshire Saturday

Thanks so much for all of you who have commented and collaborated it has been SO much fun.

But as usual I am thinking about the next project and have a couple of ideas…it will be hard to top this series!

Barefoot Bowls

Barefoot Bowls – Social Meet Up

Sunday 1st June from 2pm at Petersham Bowling Club
77 Brighton Street Petersham (it’s close to Parramatta Rd and walking distance from buses and Petersham Train Station)

$10 p.p. if you want to play bowls otherwise its free to come and socialise.

There will be Jazz playing on the green and the Thai Restaurant is open from 4.30pm for dinner.

This is going to be an awesome afternoon of fun, photo opportunities and laughter so please express your intention to attend here so I have an idea of numbers.

Remember you DON’T have to be able to play bowls to attend – there will be someone there to instruct those who do want to play.

Even if you are only Sydney for the weekend – PLEASE come along we would love to see you!

This is going to be so much fun!

I need an image!

Hi everyone!

I have 2 more images to go in my Mists of Avalon Series….but I can’t find the background image that I want!

Does anyone have a snow image that they would be willing to let me use?

It needs to be fairly desolate (It will be called Shattered Dreams) with not a lot going on in the image. There can be water, a lake, mountain, whatever but I need a lot of snow at the front of the image.

It can be landscape or portrait…and it needs to be large.

Help, please?!

I just sold 30 cards!

Well I don’t usually write these kind of JE’s but this deserves a massive THANK YOU!

I arrived home from TAFE today to find that I had sold 30 (nope it’s not a misprint!) cards of Blossoms.

This is one of the very first images I uploaded to RB and is buried on the last pages of my gallery – it’s amazing what people find!

A is for...

Alphabet Soup…one image for each letter.

The Alphabet and The Artists…
Axel – kcranmer
Butterfly – blepharopsis
Crab – Brett Foster
Dream – Flamejob
Egg – Imber
Frog – mom2two
Grey – Michael Mancini
Horse – Simon Gladwin
Ice – Jan Piller
Jump – Anthony Asael
Kids – Basia McAuley
Ladybug – Flibble
Morning – Geoff Coleman
Nose – photoambiance
Oil – Cathie Tranent
Pool – Brent Pearson
Queen – Bogac Erguveric
Reflection – Craig Goldsmith
Snail – Jenni77
Time – Andrew Bosman
Urinals – Richard Shepherd
Volcano – Steve Axford
Wolf – Rose Moxon
X – Cameron Stephen
Yacht – Peter Marin
Zebra – Gideon Swart

Bill and Sarah Wedding Photography

I’m sure that by now you have noticed that Bill Fonseca and I have done a couple of weddings together. We have decided to take it seriously now as we have had an overwhelming positive response from the Bride and Groom at all the weddings we have shot.

So we are now Bill and Sarah Wedding Photographers! With our own website (not up and running yet but should be semi-live in the next 24 hours) and a Gallery all of our own here on RB.

From now on all our wedding photos will be uploaded into this gallery – so check us out and if you deem us worthy (LOL) add us to your watchlist!

Shameless plug: if you know of any relatives, pets, or virtual strangers you meet on the street that need wedding photos done in Sydney…

Job Opportunity

My good friend Jason Radich owns a Framing Shop in Pennant Hills Sydney. Jason recently secured himself a job with Ken Duncan, he will be running the lab for the entire Ken Duncan Group.…

His dilemma is that he needs someone experienced in Retail Framing to run the shop for him at Pennant Hills full time. If you think this is you check out the ad below and contact Jason either by bubblemail or through the Ad link below.

*Retail Framer/Designer – click here for link to Ad at My Career

Pennant Hills Framing has a full-time position open for a retail Custom Picture Framer with strong design skills. The business has been established for 14 years and is very successful on the back of our excellent customer service. The ideal applicant would have extensive custom framing and front counter design

A Challenge

Hi everyone,

I want to create something new but am stumped for ideas…

Here are some of my previous creations:

Can you help? I need inspiration..a word, a picture to work with, an idea!!

Its all about the Eyes - A Tutorial

I have had heaps of people ask me how I put together my Eye Series……

So I thought I would let you all in on the secret…


First of all I add a new layer in PS above the original and fill with black then change the blend mode to colour.

To bring out the eyes…

Add a mask to the black layer and with a small soft brush (set to black) delete the parts you want in colour.

Using the lasso tool (with a small amount of feather say 5px) on the original layer select the eyes (hold down the shift key to select both eyes). Then apply the Unsharp Mask – play with the settings until you get the effect you want – don’t over sharpen or they will look weird. Then play with the saturation and contrast until you get exactly the colour you want.

This effect only works really well with light eyes

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to meeeeee
Happy Birthday to me
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray…

I turn 34 today…

This birthday was always going to be hard to celebrate without Axel…soooo my family pulled together and organised a massive event for me…a WHOLE weekend away of fun and frivolity at a gorgeous beach house on the north coast.

As a family we are mad Life of Brian fans so the whole weekend was themed around Brian. The women wore beards – there was even an attempted stoning (no one was hurt), we watched the movie and even had a 1970’s script on hand for quoting!

I received some gorgeous presents and most of all had a birthday I am NEVER going to forget.

What YOU at RedBubblehave all given me for my birthday…


Butterfly Kisses on Page 3 of the all time most

The Final Show

You are invited to view the final show at Gallery 26 before it closes its doors in its current form on Sunday 9th March.

Final Exhibition…Saturday 1st March from 10am

There will be a local Jazz/guitar duo playing at the Gallery between 11 and 2.30, come and check out all your favourite art. Artworks from all the shows will be on display for sale from 1st – 9th March.

We will keep you informed of further developments for Gallery 26 as they occur, for now you can check out the website for more information on Artists and their artworks.


Hi Everyone,

Vikkie Smith has done a portrait of Axel based on the picture of him posted here on RB…please check out her work its amazing!

Its an incredible likeness of my baby boy and she even managed to capture that naughty glint in his eye that he was never without!

New Exhibition @ Gallery 26

Hi All,

There is a new exhibition on at Gallery 26 opening next Tuesday at 7pm.

Featured artists will be Marco Britti (fellow Redbubbler) and Danny Phillips (young mixed media artist inspired by modern suburban culture).

Its going to be an awesome show as there will be more new Redbubblers hanging on the walls…

Come and support your fellow artists, meet some new (and old friends) and view some amazing artwork.

See you next Tuesday!

Sarah Moore

Extreme Sports Photo Shoot

Last weekend Bill and I embarked on a mission, our mission was to photograph as much Extreme Sport as we could handle for Neutraliser magazine!…

What ensued was a weekend packed with sun, boats, gorgeous bodies, broken bones and thousands of people…

Australia Day – 26th January 2008
National Wakeboarding Championships – Nepean

Bill found the day a challenge but like any good photographer did what he had to do for his art…

Look…no hands!

These guys did some crazy things on the water…

And the girls were just as good…

Sunday 27th January 2008
BMX Freestyle Championships – Monster Park, Homebush

We found shooting the indoor portion of the weekend more of a challenge (with the temp indoors getting up over 40 degrees C), but were pleased with the results…

Mike Spinner – Pro USA Rider

Bill’s Fis

RedBubble rocks!

I want to say a massive thanks to all your support in the last 4 weeks……

Before Axel died I had 15,000 views…in 4 short weeks my views have jumped to 30,513

My photo of Axel has received…

13 favouritings
2350 viewings

Butterfly Kisses stands at…

2 sales
95 favoritings

Sad News

1 favoritings

He’s Gone

1 favoritings

I have also sold the following…

You guys are amazing and ANYONE that feels the need to criticise the RB community should come and have a look here at the awesome generosity and love.

I haven’t even mentioned the donations, images created for Axel or the prints delivered to our home. Such as Mark German’s Hope or LittleHelen’s Sweet Child of Mine. Just type Axel Moore into the search engine

...and then we'll go to bed

The intrigue continues…

It all began by getting Naked

Things began to heat up as the Do not disturb sign appeared on the door…

Soon things were not as they seemed as a third person entered the scene…

Only to end in Indifdelity

So where do they go from here?

Tell Me a Story...

These are my latest uploads to the bubble…the first Naked was in response to the Challenge Cafe’s latest competition…the second Do Not Disturb was my husband’s concept (his take on the competition which I set up and shot).

Some have commented, wondering where the story is leading…

Well why don’t you tell me what you think the next shot would be and I will see if I can make it happen. A collaboration of sorts!


Do Not Disturb

Things aren’t always what they seem…

Tears and Laughter

Sleep is but a distant memory so I decided to look through some of the thousands of photos in my computer.

I stumbled across the photo shoot that I did with my girls in the October school holidays. I had set up a studio in my loungeroom at home and the girls dressed up and posed for the camera.

We had a ball as Axel would keep running into the shot or taking off with the tripod.

These are a couple of the images from that day.

There are tears streaming down my face as I remember this day with laughter and smiles…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait