Heartfelt Thanks

I finally have a few minutes to catch my breath and thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts, prayers and incredible generosity. The Redbubble community have been amazing and all my family and friend have commented on the love and support demonstrated by you all.…

I thought as so many of you couldn’t be with us at the funeral to celebrate Axel’s life, that I would put the transcript here along with some pictures.

There were over 300 people at the funeral from all over Australia.

It was conducted by a teacher from the school both Glen and I attended (my older girls also attend this school now), he has been a part of our lives for over 20 years and it was fantastic to have him as a part of it.

Axel was carried in by his father, and 3 uncles to the The Book of Love by

A Red Balloon

Hi Everyone,…

I am completely overwhelmed by the love and support that Redbubble has shown me and my family at the this horrific time.

I read in a Post an idea about releasing a red balloon at the time of Axel’s funeral. I would be blessed and honoured if this were to happen. All of us at the funeral will release a red balloon in Axel’s honour as we leave the service at about 4.30pm.

His funeral will be at 3.30pm Friday 28th December at Castlebrook Cemetary, Windsor Road, Rouse Hill…followed by a gathering on our property at 72 Porters Road, Kenthurst. Anyone who feels that they wish to attend are more than welcome to either the service or the wake afterwards.

We will have a few Redbubblers there to help capture the day and will post photos when we can.

Again I cannot express my thanks eno

He's Gone

I have written this JE a thousand times and each one has been deleted.…

There are so many words that I want to say but none seem sufficient.

I can’t sleep for the images in my dreams are horrific.

My son was the most amazing child (every parent says that!) but he was special. He smiled all the time…he was never sad…he brought joy to all those around him in so many ways. He was the worst dancer in the world but he was always moving to the beat in his head.

He loved the outdoors…motorbikes and balls.

But most of all he loved his Dada. His Dada arriving home from work was the pinnacle of his day.

Our beautiful boy will live with us always in our hearts.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts and bubblemails. It means a lot that there are so many people out there

Sad news ...

This is Rosalie, Sarah’s mum writing on Sarah’s behalf.

Locals may have heard already on the news of the drowning of a 15mth old in the northwest of Sydney. This is Axel, Sarah and Glen’s little son.

As you can imagine everyone is devestated. One never expects it to happen in your own family …

Please feel free to leave messages here if you feel so moved – they are rather overwhelmed with calls and all the due processes right now but do appreciate the care that their friends are offering.

Feel free to bubblemail me directly (RosalieDale) if you have any questions or any direct messages – I’ll check in a couple of times a day just to check for mail.

Thank you all …

A Wedding to Remember

One year ago this New Year’s Eve there was a wedding on a property in Kenthurst, Sydney that stopped traffic.…

It was not a traditional wedding as neither the bride nor the groom conform to the “norm”…both love fast cars and anything that gives you a mad adrenaline rush.

The Bride wore black…

The bridesmaids were simply stunning in pink and silver…

The Groom and Best Man were dashing in black and white…

The Bride arrived in a cloud of smoke to the dulcet tones of Rammstein (from XXX the movie…note the number plate on the ute)…

Some didn’t fully appreciate the art of burnouts…

There were some rather unconventional guests…

Our new family (might I add there was an addition that we only found out about the day before the wedding…I was 6 weeks pregnant with Ty Thomas!)…

The happy coupl

It's 1am and the Show is over!

Well its all over.

What an amazing night – we sold some art (Marco, Sam, Lee, Boz, Mayu) and had many others express interest in the amazing array of art on display.

Thanks so much to all who attended and helped make the night the awesome night it was.

Here are some photos…(there will be many more I’m sure but it’s a start!)

Marco, Lee, Sarah and Bill out the front of the Gallery

Brett in the First Floor Showroom


Sam and Zoe

Sandra Ritter – singer and firedancer…

Photos courtesy of Sara Lamond and Rosalie Dale

Tonight's the Night

The grand opening of Gallery 26 is finally upon us!

After lots of laughter, hard work, and late nights all the art is hung waiting for you guys to come and check it out!

So….be there tonight 7pm

26 Alfred St Milsons Point

It’s going to be a great night with music, belly dancers and fire dancing! As well as 3 floors of the most amazing artworks, including…

Wood Sculptures
Mixed Media
Stained Glass
3D Art

and so much more!

Day Trippin' - Sydney Meet Up in a nutshell

Okay its time to reveal what really happens when 17 red bubble artists meet up!…

We were all easy to spot (as the instructions were to wear something red), but even if you had missed the bright spots of red under the tree, or the multitudes of cameras, camera bags and exquipment, you couldn’t miss the bright red balloon tied in the tree above us all!!

We stood around and chatted for a while waiting for late comers (it was hard to miss Sam aka Sunset in the crowd – her boots were so bright!). Steve aka bodymechanic turned up in style in a water taxi waving regally from the boat.

We then got straight into taking photos starting with a group shot with the Opera House as our background – very cliche but perfect none the less!

By now we were all starving hungry so we made our way up to the

Gallery 26 - Opening Night

Attention all Sydneysiders – this is not to be missed!

A brand new gallery opening in Milsons Point, Sydney organised by our very own Steve McLaren.

Featuring some of our own RedBubble artists such as:

  1. Steve McLaren aka bodymechanic
  2. Marilyn Brown aka mbartworks
  3. Sam aka Sunset
  4. Andrew Bosman
  5. Brett Keith aka miloman
  6. Sara Lamond
  7. Marco Britti
  8. Sarah Moore
  9. Pateena Donnelly aka Surface
  10. Rose Moxon
  11. Paul Vanzella
  12. Paul Louis Villani
    As well as many other amazing artists.

So support your fellow artists and attend the opening night, enjoy some food, music and meet up with some Sydney Redbubblers!

The Gallery is really easy to get to being a 5 minute walk from Milsons Point station or 2 minute walk up the hill from Milsons Point Wharf. It’s located directly behind Luna Park.

After opening night the gallery will be

Sprucing up your gallery

I have had heaps of people ask me how I get the laminate or card of my image in the description section of my images, so I thought I would put it down in a journal entry rather than having to re-type it each time.…

It’s actually the same process as linking to any other image…just open up the image you want to use in the buy/preview option then choose how you want the image to appear ie. laminate with black border.

Right click on the image go to properties (bottom of tab) then copy the image address-url, paste that in between exclamation marks in the description section of your original image, then if you want to link to it put a semi colon, then copy the url of the image page.

So the code would for example look like this (when you are doing it leave out all spaces)

! http://images2.redbubb

Sarah Moore - Zenzero Blu Exhibition

From the end of next week 9 of my works will be exhibiting in a restaurant in Melbourne for 6 weeks.

Please if you are in the area go and check them out, and support the restaurant by having a meal!

Zenzero Blu
32 Best St
North Fitzroy Village Victoria

Sydney Group - it's competition time!!

We need to find an image worthy of becoming our avatar/profile photo…so we are going to run a competition. Here are the guidelines:

1. You can post as many images in the competition as you like but only 2 will be accepted per day.

2. The competition will run from Wed 14th to Wed 28th November (this will give those a chance who are coming out to Circular Quay on the 25th to process their images and enter them)

3. It doesn’t have to be a photo, it could be a painting, sculpture, drawing etc

4. The image has to tell us something about what you love most about Sydney, and it needs to be a new image (ie. not something out of your existing gallery)

5. In the image description please tell us where the image was taken, and why you love this part of Sydney.

6. When you enter the image into the Sy


Woo hoo, i have hit 10,000 views at last. Certainly not as quickly some others, but slow and steady right?!

Thanks to all who have commented and favourited.

Here are my top 5 images (no surprises here):

My First Sale in the "Real World"

Last night was the opening of “About a Woman” an all female exhibition run by bodymechanic (Steve) at the Tap Gallery, Sydney.

My image I am Woman was part of the exhibition (I entered it with fear and trepidation as it is my bum!!!).

Anyway to cut a long story short, before I left the official opening one of the organisers came rushing over to catch me to tell me that my image was the first to sell!!!! I blushed, stammered and thanked her profusely. I have been on a high ever since…

So thanks to Steve for organising this amazing exhibition…I urge all of you who live in Sydney to go and check it out as there are some amazing works by some equally amazing female artists.

Sydney Group - let's all meet up...

Andrew and I made an executive decision on the date just to get the ball rolling. So here is your official invite…

Sunday 25th November
The Rocks

Meeting at 11am on the grass patch outside the Museum of Contemporary Art (wear something red so that we can identify each other easily or on the other hand you could just look out for the group of dags with cameras!!!)

We will start with some general happy snapping around Circular Quay and then move on to lunch somewhere in the area .Then after lunch and a few (or maybe more than a few) drinks we will move on to the fun part of the day…more photos and lots of laughter!

If you are interested in joining us please register your interest on the post in the Noticeboard…it will be easier to keep a track that way.


Sarah and Andrew

Calling all Sydneysiders....

A new group has just been formed for Sydneysiders (and persons from surrounding areas!!!!)

Join here

The intention of the group will be to organise meet ups, days out etc and to keep Sydney folk informed as to what’s going on in Sydney’s art community.

Join us now!!!!!

Andrew Bosman and I will be co-moderating the group so if you have any queries Bubblemail us!

Wanted - One Photo


I have written a fairly dark piece and was looking for someone to come up with an image to go with it. Check it out here

Would love to see what people come up with…

Showcase #SM02

With all the talent on RB it is hard to keep up with all the amazing work that is uploaded each day so…I have decided to showcase works that I have seen and loved recently and that haven’t received a lot of hits. I will also try and showcase works that are a little different!

Craig Shillington and I have decided to get together and now by clicking this link you can view all our showcases!

Photogenique written work: Roses Are Red

Oran Stuffed Olives – Snake

Collaboration between Rosalie Dale and Rose Moxon Elf Timide

Jerry Weston Return to Innocence

Sarina Tomchin Chamois Cream

Showcase #SM01

With all the talent on RB it is hard to keep up with all the amazing photos that are uploaded each day so…I am stealing Craig’s idea and showcasing some works that I have seen and loved recently and that haven’t received a lot of hits.

In fact Craig and I have decided to get together and now by clicking this link you can view all our showcases!

Jason Radich Daybirth

rebelliousjukebox One More for the Road

Rosalie Dale Mossy Rocks

I will try and do this every couple of days or whenever I find some awesome new art!

Budding Artist

Hi all!

After posting the drawings that Meg did recently of her brother and sister, I got a phone call to say that Meg had won a photographic competition that her Nanna (Rosalie Dale) had entered her into.

This was the winning photo:

Selling Images to Magazines


I have recently taken some awesome shots of guys doing extreme things on bikes. (My husband is a BMX rider and trainer)

I have looked around the web and being in the BMX scene have seen a few mags and shots that other photographers have taken and my shots seem to be just as good.

I was wondering whether anyone had some tips as to how to go about selling my images to magazines/organisations for use?

I am very new at all this so would welcome any advice.


A little R&R goes a long way

Just last weekend I decided to pack my boys in the car (the girls had school so had to stay with my sister) and head off to my father’s place in Bellingen Northern NSW.…

I had never been there so didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect paradise! There were photo opportunities around every corner, there were creeks, kingfishers, jersey cows, abandoned buildings, rainforests, eagles, bats and the list goes on and on!!

I took over 500 photos in just 2 days…now I have the exciting task of sorting through them all and discovering the gems!

While in Bellingen I discovered a second hand bookshop…needless to say I was lost for hours! To my delight I found 2 books on photography from the late 40s and 1 on Modern Water Colour Pigments – this book has all the pigment colours hand painte


I was looking through my gallery just now and stopped at “Barbie Doll”.…

The model in this gorgeous photo is my 9 year old daughter Zoe, she is a tomboy a heart, she rides bmx, was an elite gymnast (along with her older sister Meg who by the by was accepted into the Australian Institute of Sport but had to quit due to injuries) and she is a cancer survivor.

This photo has to be for me the best reminder of how far my baby has come.

At 20 months old Zoe was diagnosed with a Stage III Neuroblastoma on her right kidney the size of a rockmelon (its essentially a tumour that grows on the end of a nerve), doctors gave her only a 25% of surviving.

She is one of the most stubborn little girls the oncology ward encountered – she was also the smiliest. With no hair those gorgeous big brown eyes stood

Models in the Making

As it is school holidays and I am always looking for ways to entertain the kids – I thought what better way than to put them in front of the camera. I mean what little girl doesn’t love dressing up? And the bonus…I get to practice my photography!!!

The girls had an absolute ball and I have ended up with over 300 photos. My dilema now is choosing the best ones as there are so many great shots!!

I thought I would share 4 of my favourites with you…

OMG I am so excited!!! THANKYOU REDBUBBLE...

1. I sold a T-shirt (my first)

2. AND THIS IS THE GOOD ONE…I am going to have 8 of my works displayed for 6 weeks in a restaurant in Melbourne. I am so new to this and I am blown away that someone random came to Redbubble and liked my work enough to display it on his walls in such a public place.

SO THANKYOU REDBUBBLE without you I wouldn’t have been given this opportunity!!!!

As Craig would say :) VBS

I need your help...

I am entering the picture below into an exhibition and need to come up with a worthy name for it. The exhibition is for women only and needs to express something about who I am.

Often our femininity and sensuality is lost in the day to dayness of life – this photo was taken to remind me of how beautiful I am as a woman not just a mother/wife/sister/friend but ME!!

And the best part is that my gorgeous husband is totally stoked about this – he has even helped me choose framing etc.

I am hopeless at naming my photos so PLEASE help!

All time favourite...

In an attempt to broaden my artisitc horizons I thought I would see who the other RedBubblers admired as artists…

So who is your favourite all time artist?!

P.S. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a Bubbler…

It's all too much!!

So after my excitement at selling a card – I go to bed only to get up this morning and find that one of my drawings I uploaded last night is on the HomePage!!!!

Since then another of my drawings has made it onto the HomePage – what’s going on?!

WOW…its all too much, I think I have to go and have a lie down.

Thanks Red Bubble!

I sold one!!!

Picture this – mature, sophisticated mother of four (well maybe not so mature or sophisticated but it sounded good) running around her home screaming – “I sold one”!!! Everyone thought I had gone a little nuts until I explained that I had just sold my very first card…admittedly its of my rear end but hey I’m not complaining a card is a card!!!

So a big massive THANK YOU goes out to whoever bought it! MWA…

My daughter wanted to know though how I possibly managed to take that shot of myself – I think she thought I was a contortionist!!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait