Its all about the Eyes - A Tutorial

I have had heaps of people ask me how I put together my Eye Series…

So I thought I would let you all in on the secret…


First of all I add a new layer in PS above the original and fill with black then change the blend mode to colour.

To bring out the eyes…

Add a mask to the black layer and with a small soft brush (set to black) delete the parts you want in colour.

Using the lasso tool (with a small amount of feather say 5px) on the original layer select the eyes (hold down the shift key to select both eyes). Then apply the Unsharp Mask – play with the settings until you get the effect you want – don’t over sharpen or they will look weird. Then play with the saturation and contrast until you get exactly the colour you want.

This effect only works really well with light eyes (brown eyes don’t come out as well) – BUT if you want to get really tricky you can apply a layer in between the black layer and original layer, then fill with a blue colour and change the blend mode to colour and hey presto a blue eye!!


I change the colours of the butterflies to suit each image by going to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and playing with the hue until I get the colour I want.

Crocodile Tears…

The eye in Crocodile Tears wascreated by finding a stock image of a crocodile and copying its eye and placing it under Ty’s eye, after erasing the area that was his eye! There was then lots of adjusting to get it to fit correctly and getting the colour right.

Hope this makes sense – if there are any other questions feel free to bubblemail me!

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