Extreme Sports Photo Shoot

Last weekend Bill and I embarked on a mission, our mission was to photograph as much Extreme Sport as we could handle for Neutraliser magazine!

What ensued was a weekend packed with sun, boats, gorgeous bodies, broken bones and thousands of people…

Australia Day – 26th January 2008
National Wakeboarding Championships – Nepean

Bill found the day a challenge but like any good photographer did what he had to do for his art…

Look…no hands!

These guys did some crazy things on the water…

And the girls were just as good…

Sunday 27th January 2008
BMX Freestyle Championships – Monster Park, Homebush

We found shooting the indoor portion of the weekend more of a challenge (with the temp indoors getting up over 40 degrees C), but were pleased with the results…

Mike Spinner – Pro USA Rider

Bill’s Fisheye lens was put to good use!

Monday, 28th January 2008
BMX Freestyle Dirt Championships – Homebush

These guys can do some amazing tricks!


Tail Whip

Front Flip

The Oh My God I’m not going to make it

There was standing room only in the First Aid tent by the end of the day. There were busted knees, broken collar bones, broken fingers, bruised kidneys…one kid was riding with a broken ankle!

They can fly!!

Even a visit from ET!

All in all an action packed, very successful weekend!

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