Day Trippin' - Sydney Meet Up in a nutshell

Okay its time to reveal what really happens when 17 red bubble artists meet up!

We were all easy to spot (as the instructions were to wear something red), but even if you had missed the bright spots of red under the tree, or the multitudes of cameras, camera bags and exquipment, you couldn’t miss the bright red balloon tied in the tree above us all!!

We stood around and chatted for a while waiting for late comers (it was hard to miss Sam aka Sunset in the crowd – her boots were so bright!). Steve aka bodymechanic turned up in style in a water taxi waving regally from the boat.

We then got straight into taking photos starting with a group shot with the Opera House as our background – very cliche but perfect none the less!

By now we were all starving hungry so we made our way up to the Rocks, but on the way we were distracted by a photo opportunity – a RED phone booth! The challenge was put out to see how many of us would fit into the phone box – the final count was six and one red balloon!

Our first stop was the James Squire Pub – beer and fish n’ chips – a perfect start to a Sydney outing on a hot day.

After much confusion over what to do next, we decided to walk across the bridge and visit Steve’s new gallery space – Gallery 26. This obviously took longer than normal as there were photo opportunities everywhere we looked. Once we arrived at the gallery we all took the opportunity to relax in the cool for a while! It didn’t take us long though to realise what a great place the stairs would be to take some photos on so both Sam and Sarah posed while the paparrazi flashed…

Eventually people had to leave so those of us left decided to catch the ferry back across to Circular Quay to check out the photo ops around the Opera House. While waiting we took the opportunity to take some pics around Luna Park – while Roger just clowned around!

Eventually only four of us were left (I know I just wanted to make every moment of a day without kids!), and we decided to head up to the Botanical Gardens. But as we passed the Quay Grand we realised another photo op was upon us with celebrities galore!! There was Shannon Noll, Damien Leith, Big Brother contestants, Brett Lee and a host of other lesser known wanna bes (“Who the hell are you” was Steve’s call). So much to Boz’s disgust we became the paparazzi, eagerly awaiting each glimpse of a new celebrity. Steve used the opportunity to shamelessly plug Gallery 26, even interviewing both Shannon Noll and Damien Leith on video and asking them to be at the opening (funnily enough Shannon is busy that day…but Damien did seem interested).

Then back to Steve’s place for pizza and fireworks. While waiting for the pizza we discovered a lone chair which Steve decided would make a great prop for a Flashdance remake – in which all the boys a little too eagerly participated!

After the fireworks subsided and Steve got over missing them completely (he had run downstairs to grab his camera), we wandered down to Milsons Point wharf which was blissfully deserted. As the batteries had run out on Steve’s camera he became the Artistic Director and suddenly I became the model (you will have to wait patiently for these shots – but they are awesome!). Eventually (11pm) we decided that we should go home – but it didn’t stop us from exclaiming on every photo op on our way out of the Luna Park car park.

Ah well we may just have to go back again one day soon….

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