I was looking through my gallery just now and stopped at “Barbie Doll”.

The model in this gorgeous photo is my 9 year old daughter Zoe, she is a tomboy a heart, she rides bmx, was an elite gymnast (along with her older sister Meg who by the by was accepted into the Australian Institute of Sport but had to quit due to injuries) and she is a cancer survivor.

This photo has to be for me the best reminder of how far my baby has come.

At 20 months old Zoe was diagnosed with a Stage III Neuroblastoma on her right kidney the size of a rockmelon (its essentially a tumour that grows on the end of a nerve), doctors gave her only a 25% of surviving.

She is one of the most stubborn little girls the oncology ward encountered – she was also the smiliest. With no hair those gorgeous big brown eyes stood out a mile and the grin was infectious – the nurses would come into our room every morning for their dose of Zoe. Even at her sickest she would have a smile and a really bad joke for anyone that came in the room.

What she went through during this time noone should ever have to go through. But she did it with stoicism and strength.

Obviously she beat the odds (I was later told that doctors didn’t exect her to pull through at all) and is still cheeky and sarcastic and she still has that strength of character.

My daugher Zoe, survivor…

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