14,382 Butterfly Kisses

Ever since I uploaded this image 9 months ago just after Axel died…my family and I have received 14,382 butterfly kisses from those of you who have visited my image that same amount of times.

Axel gave the most gorgeous kisses…he would place his lips on your cheek and then blow ever so gently. My husband gave me a kiss just like it on Monday night (Axel’s Second Birthday) just before we went to sleep and told me it was from our baby boy to say goodnight.

Butterfly Kisses…for my baby boy as he turns two.

This image has been viewed 14,382 times, had 9 sales and 170 favouritings (on Redbubble), been printed as an Avantcard and distributed all over Australia…and is hanging on my niece’s wall (whose eye I used) as a special reminder of her cousin.

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