Apologies and Tissues

I have been absent from RB over the past few weeks and I have really missed creating art for you all! But unfortunately this is going to continue for the next month or so.

We are moving into our new home (which is not yet finished) in 2 weeks and we are frantically sanding floors, putting together kitchens and so many other fun things, along with packing up our current home. I may even be without the internet for a period of time – NOOOOOOO! (Mum, you are going to see more of me – LOL)

This is how it actually looks right now! Yep – we have a lot to get done in 2 weeks!

I am struggling with the move in a big way as I feel as though I am leaving my boy behind, this place contains all my memories of him – both good and bad. My head knows that I will carry him in my heart always, but my emotions are screaming DON’T LEAVE!

At present I can walk into his room, close my eyes and imagine he is asleep in his bed, I can feel him around me. I walk down the hall remembering him running away from me naked after his shower laughing his head off, or go into the shed and imagine him sitting there calmly eating the dog food.

It is going to take every ounce of strength I have left to walk out that door (already I am crying just thinking about having to do it).

Axel’s second birthday is also looming, we are having a massive party to celebrate his awesome life, with a cake, motorbikes, go-karts, lots of tissues and a bonfire (with marshmallows of course).

I would really appreciate your thoughts and warm fuzzies over the next few weeks!


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