Lights Out: A Marriage Dream Deferred

A kick here, a punch there
Day in, day out, night after night
He lays his hand
On her face, on her back
He don’t know how to act

A kick here,a punch there
A cry is heard, but no one comes,a marriage dream deferred
She cries every night,hoping that he’ll change
But every night he does the same

A push here, a smack there
Down the hall, down the stairs
Hoping the someone hears, save her from this misery
Knowing that she should get out of this unrealistic love theory

Day in, day out, she wants to leave
But everytime she thinks about it, he only rolls up his sleeve
She wants to leave so badly, but someone once told her that this was how love was supposed to
So she sticks around to wait and see
Until one day she paid her terminating fee

She came home from work tired, but still cooked dinner
In right after,through thr kithchen behind her, he did enter
Yellin’, screamin’ why his dinner wasn’t done
Soon she knew this wasn’t gonna be any fun

So she tries to explain
But little did she know that would lead to her ending pain
He gripped her up,and repeatly slammed her face to the floor
The pain was too much to endure

A BIG GASH on her forehead
All over the floor she bled
He still slammed head to floor, head to floor, head to floor
Not knowing what his future was heading for

When he finally did stop, so did her personal clock
Upon noticing what he had did
When I knocked on the door, he ran and hid

In I walked, I used my key
She told me to only use in case of an emergency
Down the hall i walked slowly
Came to the kitchen to only find woely

A friend that was so close to me
Just slammed to death out of misery
Looking around i sought to find
The awful creature that did this to thine

Searching, and seaching finally to my eyes
I found a man praying to God in cries
I called the police and soon they raced
To convict a man who had devil written all over his face

Now in jail amongst killers, woman beaters, and others
All with a life sentence
He now knows of a love not mentioned

I never knew if i could forgive him
It is the Christian thing to do
But if something like this happened to you


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  • Sean Farragher